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Wine goes to space, to tropical scraps and vintage bottles

Wine goes to space, to tropical scraps and vintage bottles

Initiative Objectives –

The task took place in Rome at a meeting entitled “Infinite Space, Eternity of Wine”, dedicated to the Italian journalist, TV presenter and politician.

David Sassoli

. The goal is to assess the aging power of wines in space and to study the preservation of each wine’s newest and most matured, and compare it to the exceptional longevity that characterizes them on Earth. The idea comes from the founder of Fis,

Franco Maria Ricci

, which has chosen “three grapes that represent Italian excellence in winemaking and that tell the world the story of unique winemaking traditions made in Italy every day”. L ‘

Italian space agency

Expressing the goals of the initiative “those related to the topic of nutrition for astronauts, but also the possibility of producing plants and food in zero gravity.” president

Giorgio Sacuccia

He commented: “It would be nice to drink a glass of wine in space, produced in orbit.”

What does the experience consist of?

The project consists of studying the experimental conservation of each of the bottled wines in orbit, a

400 km altitude

ground speed increase

28 thousand kilometers per hour

. Another bottle of each booze will be examined by the Italian Space Agency’s analysis room before the flight into space. The last bottle will be kept in FIS for comparison after the return trip.

The wines that will go to space –



It is the most widely grown grape variety in Italy and has the widest distribution in Tuscany.

Bionde Santi

It is the first manufacturer of

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In History: “Wine is history that evolves over time, our vault containing in its DNA the experimentation and use of innovative technologies that have been primarily adopted by enlightened wine scholars such as Franco Biondi Santi,” CEO commented

Giampiero Bertolini


L ‘


It is an original vine from the Campania tradition. “there

Viodi de San Gregorio

I was born with the intention of bringing the beauty and wine of Irpinia to faraway lands, but I never thought they would go that far. In addition to the current old model, 2015 model

Montevergne Plan

you have chosen another iconic vintage: 2012, our twentieth harvest,” announced the president

Antonio Capaldo



Barolo Spears



In the Piedmont dialect it means “nostalgia”, that is, Giovanni Gaga’s nostalgia for childhood memories associated with lang. born from


original black grape variety.

Angelo Gaga,

Ibn Giovanni explained: “The ‘Wine in Space’ project is a message of civilization. The Romans, when they expanded into new territories, had already spread the cultivation of the vine to produce wine as an ambassador of peace, joy and brotherhood. We know when it will be possible to reach new hospitable planets, but the message of Well wishes stem from vine and wine, the Mediterranean drink most rich in history and culture.”