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Because it ended (very badly) with Francesco Monti

Because it ended (very badly) with Francesco Monti

Chi magazine interviewed Julia Salmi on the occasion of the release of her book, I have always preferred chocolate to menand revealed the reason for his affair with Francesco Monti, who was born inside a house big brother vip. Who does not know Julia Salemi? The former model of Persian origin is now a true socialite and she is also known for her fictional relationship with Pierpaolo Pretelli, the former servant of Mara Venier. The girl recently gave an interview to the weekly Chi and admitted some details of her private life, among other things she also explained why the story ended with Francesco Monti.

“Why did the story end with Francesco Monti? I don’t talk about him, but about me when I was with him. I never wanted to talk about this story nor consider myself either a victim or an executioner, but I couldn’t help but talk about him because in this book I did not hide anything of my life. I talk about my defeats to help those who feel like the only losers on earth and conclude it all with a smile and a hilarious phrase because I want to send a message of hope. The reason for breaking up? The truth is that he doesn’t love you enough. Sometimes simple answers are best. In general I talk about stories that ended badly where I wasn’t that special to the guy I was with. But if I wasn’t enough for you, that doesn’t mean I’m a good fit for everyone.” Beautiful Persian declared.

On the other hand, months ago, Francesco also had his say on the delusional breakdown: “There was no betrayal on my part. The story ended with Julia because I realized I didn’t have that extra push to move on. I had the strength and the courage to close the situation because it wasn’t right or for me and not for her. Anything else related to betrayal or things like that The kind is not correct otherwise I think the person in question would have said so” Monty announced earlier. In short, the case now seems clear to us and more than closed. Meanwhile, while the former throne of men and women has decided to focus on his career, he has also recently ventured into music, beautiful Salemi lives her amazing life with the serenity of a love story with Berbolo Pritelli and begins to make way in the world of entertainment.

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