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Because Guillier came in second place despite obtaining 60% of the votes from within

Because Guillier came in second place despite obtaining 60% of the votes from within

the TV broadcastIt was the winner of the Sanremo Festival More oilyWith the song “I p'me, tu p'te”, which received a frightening 60% of the votes.

Other competitors were far behind: Angelina Mango with the movie “La noia” received 16.1%; Expensive with “Casa Mia” amounted to 8.3%; Annalisa with “Sincerely” at 8% and Irama with “Too No” at 7.5%.

And as also happened at the cover evening, So Gaulier controlled television broadcastingWhich inevitably raises various controversies and leads to a somewhat imaginative reconstruction of the reasons for “popular” support.

Therefore, for Angelina Mango's ultimate success, she was indispensable Press room and radio jury: nullify the television broadcast verdict.

It is a good idea to repeat the “weights” of the different components that determine the final result: Broadcast television “weighted” 34 percent; Pressroom vote in favor of 33; The radio jury vote was another 33 percent.

How did it go?

TV broadcast only
• Euler 60%
• Angelina Mango 16.1%
• Expensive 8.3%
• Annalisa 8%

TV Broadcast + Press Room Jury and Radio Jury
• Angelina Mango 40.3%
• Euler 25.2%
• Annalisa 17.1%
• 10.5% expensive

Angelina Mango won the festival with 40.3% of the total preferences, taking into account the three jury panels (TV Broadcasting Committee, Press Room, Radio Jury). In second place is Guillier with 25.2%, in third place is Annalisa with 17.1%, in fourth place is Ghali with 10.5%, and in fifth place is Irama with 6.9%.

“One will take home a Golden Lion because journalists decided to sabotage the vote of 60% of viewers, and the other will go on to see millions of copies and sell out stadiums, which is really important. Think and tell me who won,” one user wrote on X.

“With these rules, #Sanremo has returned to the era of call centers, where disgusting forgotten songs actually win. It's true that they make money this way, but asking for 5 votes per phone is too much. Smart people organize themselves and distort the vote. Enough!” is another comment.

“What's the point of broadcasting in #Sanremo if the press room decides who should win? It would be cleaner at this point to delete it. #Geolier, with 60% of the votes, managed not to beat #Mango, who received only 16%. What a shame the press room and radio are,” wrote another Geolier fan.

«But can all SIM cards purchased for votes be reused in the next #Sanremo in case neomelodici/Neapolitan Rappers/#Geolier are involved or do they have an expiration date? Ask a friend. #Sanremo2024” is instead a controversial tweet by a user towards the Neapolitan artist.