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Big Brother, semi-final polls: Alessio is in danger

Big Brother, semi-final polls: Alessio is in danger

There's less than a week left until the grand finale Big brother. Beatrice Luzzi, Rosie Chen and Massimiliano Varese are certain of their place in the final, but all the other tenants of Italy's most spied house will play for their last chance in the final. Semi-finals Which will be on stage Thursday, March 21, 2024 in prime time on Canale 5. In the penultimate episode of the reality show Alfonso Signorini Another preliminary television broadcast is planned and nominations include Alessio Falcone, Federico Massaro and Simona Tagli. Who among them will have to give up Cinecittà one step away from the final? Let's find out What do the polls say? Let us analyze the situation in detail.

Big brother: who leaves the house

After the “massacre” witnessed in yesterday's episode of Big brotherWith two eliminations and the nomination of the third finalist, Thursday, March 21, 2024 Reality show for Alfonso Signorini He returns to the air with the penultimate episode of the season. Marking Semi-finals Another is scheduled Initial television broadcast. Competitors nominated I am Alessio Falcone, Federico Massaro H Simona snapped: The lowest voted will be permanently deleted. After the elimination of Anita Olivieri in the final telecast and Paolo Masella in the quick telecast in the most watched house in Italy, 11 competitors remain, with Beatrice Luzzi, Rosie Chen and Massimiliano Varese guaranteed a place in the final to be held. Monday, March 25, 2024.

Gf News Polls (Ratios Today March 20) Who is at risk

Once again a highly favored name according to opinion polls Free forum (Forum under the title and main portal gf) is that Simona snapped. The Milan showgirl is now among the crowd's favorite competitors, and among fans there are those who assume she could threaten Beatrice Luzzi to final victory if she remains in the race. And according to expectations, it will be exactly like this: Simona has already been given away 67.84%Bulgarian lineage that should ensure her salvation. Instead, they take risks Federico Massaro (the 20.09% According to expectations) and above all Alessio Falconeat the moment 12.07% From preferences. The Milanese businessman born in 1992 was the hero of another great flirtation within the most spied house in Italy, but he risks paying dearly for the fact that he was left “orphaned” by Anita Olivieri (eliminated yesterday), as well as being one of the latest The entrants are among the most divisive competitors in gf because of this Exit Above the lines.

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