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Bank bonus, everyone is entitled to it but no one uses it: 200 euros directly into the account

Bank bonus, everyone is entitled to it but no one uses it: 200 euros directly into the account

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€200 directly into the account for many who are entitled to the bank bonus. To get it there is no ISEE limit.

Bonuses are certainly one of the positive aspects of the economy in recent years. A fairly large amount is paid directly to the current account. We remind you that in some specific cases you can enjoy bonuses in the form of a discount, with a significant deduction on taxes.

In recent years they have been Many rewards Designed for Italian citizens. Each of them went to cover some specific expenses that the citizen needed to carry out. Let's remember, for example, all the bonuses for replenishments.

Starting from 110% up to the purchase card. And there was no shortage of rewards for those with children, and those who couldn't even face the classic daily expenses within any family.

Rewards are able to help those who are Young savers Which is found in Italy in a fairly high percentage. Suffice it to remember that Italians have always been great savers, but they have faced quite a number of difficulties in recent years.

Investments help save

Why save without getting a return? In short, if you can also make a profit from the money you put aside, why not take advantage. One of the most effective ways to do this They are BTPsa special Italian government bond intended for small savers.

With a rather small investment of only 1000 euros, it is enough to get a return of about 200 euros. Not a small return, considering the rather small amount in relation to the initial investment. Please remember that the second issue of securities will take place on these days.

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Savings - Fonte_depositphotos -
Savings – Fonte_depositphotos –

BTP returns

When BTPs are issued, the return on the securities is also determined. We then determine the minimum guaranteed coupons for those who decide to go ahead with the investment. to The first 3 years A return of 3.25% is guaranteed, later, For another 3 years 4% and 0.7% final installment if BTP is held until maturity.

Bond coupon is quarterly. Prices can be changed, but only up, never down. However, for more information we recommend going to the post office or bank.