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Bad weather moves in on Monday, a Valentine's Day anticyclone arrives during the week, and it will be spring

Bad weather moves in on Monday, a Valentine's Day anticyclone arrives during the week, and it will be spring

New and important changes for the new week

The new week opens under the sign of general progress. After the last of the rain caused by Cyclone Pulcinella, the general circulation will undergo a new and important change on Valentine's Day.

The week will begin with associated residual rain Cyclone Pulcinella In the process of gradually disappearing. In particular, Monday, February 12, Friuli Venezia Giulia and during the day mainly in the central-southern areas, residual scattered rain is expected in the morning. In these areas, the formation of isolated storms cannot be ruled out, especially along the Tyrrhenian coast. Since the temperature is not particularly cold, the Neve It falls only at high altitudes in the Apennines.
The gradual movement of the cyclonic gyre will be triggered by further strengthening of the mistral winds, especially with the speed of the storms over the two large islands.
Instead, there will be a piece of the country, precisely in the north, where the weather will show generous sunshine.

From Tuesday the 13th, the Cyclone Pulcinella It soon moves eastward from Italy, leaving only a few uncertain hints in the southern regions, and in its place comes the infamous. African resistance It will return to extend its center of gravity from the interior of the Sahara desert towards the Mediterranean basin, guaranteeing greater atmospheric stability over the entire country in the following days.
For the day Valentine's Day, Wednesday 14There will actually be enough room for the sun to return to all of our regions where heat values ​​are expected to rise again as we had in the spring.

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Subsequently, forecast uncertainties increase because the major international calculation centers have yet to find a common trend line.
However, one thing seems certain now; Further New weekDespite the calendar indicating that we are still in winter, There will be a great cold!