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Atalanta – Sporting Lisbon 1-1: Live commentary

Atalanta – Sporting Lisbon 1-1: Live commentary

  • Where the match will be held:

    Stadium: Definitely a stadium
    City: Bergamo
    Capacity: 26,724 spectators20:05

  • Welcome to the live broadcast of the second leg of the Europa League round of 16 between Atalanta and Sporting Lisbon.20:05

  • The result of the first leg between Atalanta and Sporting Lisbon was 1-1: Paulinho scored for the Portuguese and Scamaka for the European team.20:06

  • Atalanta formation (3-4-2-1): Musu – Djemseti, Heine, Kolasinac – Holm, De Roon, Ederson, Bakker – Miranchuk – Skamaka, Lookman.20:07

  • Sporting formation (3-4-3): Israel – Saint Petersburg – 3-4-3 Justice, Diamond, Inacio – Esgayo, Hjulmand, Edwards, Reyes – Trincao, Guqueris, Goncalves.20:08

  • Atalanta bench: Carnesecchi, Rossi, Tolui, Kopmeinerez, Pasalic, Bilal Toure, De Kittilari, Ruggeri, Adobo, Hateuber, Scalvini, Zappacosta.20:08

  • Pancina Sporting Lisbon: Pinto, Silva, Coates, Nuno Santos, Neto, Paulinho, Catamo, Fresinda, Braganca, Pontillo, Quaresma, Quindredi.20:08

  • Gasperini's picks: De Kittaleri still on the bench, Miranchuk in attacking midfield. In midfield inside Ederson and De Roon, a surprise opening break for the Koopmeiners. Heen plays defense.20:09

  • Amorim's picks: Gyukiris has clearly been confirmed at centre-forward with Trincao and Goncalves alongside him. Hjulmand will be a starter in midfield.20:10

  • Atalanta are unbeaten in their last five matches against Sporting in European competitions (W2, D3), including one win and two draws in the Europa League this season; No team has ever faced an opponent four times in the same edition of the competition without losing (even Leverkusen could do that against Karabakh).20:11

  • Sporting have never won 17 away matches against Italian teams in European competitions (D5, L12), conceding in 16 of these matches and scoring at least two goals on only one occasion (2-3 against Udinese in August 2005).20:11

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  • 1'

    The first half of the Atalanta-Sporting Lisbon match begins!21:00

  • 4'

    Immediately great opportunity for Atalanta with Scamaka who, after serving Miranchuk well, failed to beat Israel from very close range: a slow and central result, easily managed by the Portuguese goalkeeper.21:05

  • 9'

    Sporting's sterile possession of the ball does not worry Atalanta's defence, which is compact and well-organised in any way.21:10

  • 12'

    Another excellent chance for Atalanta: Miranchuk is dangerous again, this time with a venomous cross that allowed Gemseti to head the ball home from close range. The Albanian central defender's shot hit the top of the crossbar.21:13

  • 15'

    Another opportunity for Atalanta: an excellent break from Kolasinac, who sends Holm down the wing, and is good at finding an accurate cross to the head of the Bosnian defender. The conclusion of the former Arsenal player is widely known.21:16

  • 20'

    Foul by Lookman on Edwards: Sporting Lisbon doctors were forced to enter the field.21:22

  • 23'

    Defensive chaos by Djemseti as Trincao intercepted the ball and headed towards the goal defended by Musso: Hen's intervention was providence.21:25

  • 27'

    Atalanta continues to attack with determination: Miranchuk is caught in an offside position, but the European team seems to be in complete control of the match.21:29

  • 31'

    After half an hour of play, Sporting Lisbon's possession statistics showed a 60% lead.21:32

  • 33'

    Goal! Atalanta – Sporting Lisbon 0-1 Pedro Goncalves goal! Great exchange between Goncalves and Jeukeris: great ball defense by the Swedish striker who leaves the ball available with his sole to introduce his teammate, who was good and brilliant in beating Musso.21:36

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  • 36'

    A change in the ranks of Sporting Lisbon, with Pedro Goncalves leaving due to injury and Daniel Bragança entering.21:36

  • 40'

    Atalanta reacted and had another chance in the first half: after an excellent start from Lookman, the ball found Holm who finished with his left foot. However, the shot, although powerful, is central and therefore controllable for Israel.21:44

  • 45'

    Two minutes of stoppage time were allowed.21:48

  • 45'+2'

    End of the first half of the match between Atalanta and Sporting Lisbon: Goncalves scores!21:49

  • Enjoyable first half at Joyce Stadium. Atalanta controlled the match and came close to scoring several times: Skamaka started immediately, followed by Djemseti and Kolasinac. But Sporting Lisbon broke the deadlock with a wonderful goal scored by Gjoqueris and Goncalves. The home team's reaction was rather timid: some ideas and the score remained unchanged until the end of the first half.21:54

  • It is clear that Atalanta must necessarily score to at least try to reach extra time: in this sense, De Kittilari, Pasalic and Toure, who are currently on the bench, could be useful.21:56

  • 46'

    Replacement: Mitchell Packer and Davide Zappacosta22:02

  • 46'

    Gul Ademola Lookman Olagade Alade Iolaola Lookman

    Take a look at Ademola Lookman's player profile22:04

  • 47'

    The second half of the Atalanta-Sporting Lisbon match begins!22:04