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Artificial intelligence fools a company using a never-before-seen trick: There is alarm all over the world

Artificial intelligence fools a company using a never-before-seen trick: There is alarm all over the world

Artificial intelligence has managed to defraud a company thanks to an unprecedented trick. The truth worries everyone.

We knew it would happen sooner or later: LArtificial intelligence is an extremely powerful tool – Everything in its power must be done to ensure that it remains a means, Not an entity Which has a life of its own – which can be used to create applications that are very useful to human life. But there is also the other side of the coin.

A sensational scam against an artificial intelligence company –

In fact, criminals can also use artificial intelligence Merely intending to defraud others by drawing a minus sign in their pockets and a plus sign in their pockets. As in this case, the coup was carried out by fraudsters Very plumpNot to mention exciting.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, criminals have… He created a truly incredible scam. To do that They used a trick that had never been seen before And before that, which is understandable, half the world is worried. Here's what happened.

AI fraud against a company: this is what happened

Have you heard before? com. deepfake? They are none other than meFake photos or videos generated by artificial intelligence. The problem is that these images have such a high level of imitability that they appear more real than life. Scammers have resorted to this technique in what has already been renamed “The most expensive video call ever.”

Artificial intelligence fools companies
Artificial intelligence was used to set up a massive scam –

It happened Hong Kong Where a major financial company suffered Millionaire scam due to video call com. deepfake In which A The fake manager was created specifically by artificial intelligence. This is the first case in the former British colony of a deepfake scam over a video call. According to what I learned Company employee He was invited to a video call With the financial director (based in London) with other colleagues.

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But he was sort of a “Deepfake CFO.” A digital copy of a real CFO Which was asked of the staff Making cash transfers On different bank accounts. After some initial skepticism, the employee carried out the instructions of what he thought was the real CFO on time. In total Thus, the company was defrauded of $25 million.

According to Hong Kong Police, scammers They created the deepfake by downloading videos of past conferences Held in the company. This way they were able to digitally emulate the look and sound of a CFO.

The $25 million video call scam proves that How to loom Menashia del Deepfake, not from today. Unfortunately, thanks to the boom in artificial intelligence, it is easy to predict that similar scams will become increasingly widespread and become increasingly sophisticated.