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Opaque headlights, hardware store trick, become shiny again in a minute |  It costs you 5 euros

Opaque headlights, hardware store trick, become shiny again in a minute | It costs you 5 euros

Bright car headlights – –

Taking care of your car is a worrying duty for many, perhaps due to the limited time available: for others, it is a great pleasure.

However you want to say it, it remains a necessity to which we are all called and required. At least for three good reasons: The first, and most obvious of all, is that he responds to it Aesthetic needs.

It is often said, perhaps too often to be honest, that the eye requires its role, and that this part is represented by a “feature”, by Always an impeccable aesthetic image.

This applies to all aspects of our lives, of course, not just cars: From our point of view When we are on the street, to our home when and if We receive guests.

After all, the car also falls into this kind of thing because it's a bit similar Business Card This is what we are called to do: dress does not always make a monk, but neglecting it is evidence of a lack of interest in the truth.

Car headlights, clean them like this, don't drain anything

If it's about taking care of your appearance our car, However, everything cannot be reduced to one aesthetic issue, because our own issues are also at stake Our health and our money. Yes, because after careful inspection, the part is properly cleaned Machineespecially in some of its components, allows us to avoid enormous risks, which expose us to dangerFor our very lives This is for others.

And also, sometimes a miss Car cleanliness and careIn case CheckpointSound can cost us moreA symbolic state that includes all these aspects is a state He goes. Our car headlights are essential to allow us to get… Great point of view The ideal is at night and in cases of poor visibility due to bad weather conditions, for example: If it was dark, we would see much less. patrol It can even tempt us.

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Cleaning car headlights - -
Cleaning headlights – –

Lighthouses, use these products with your own hands

However, it is important to know that we can clean them in a jiffy, for example With only 5 eurosSimply clean them using products that we already have at home or that we can find in the hardware store or in supermarkets.

For example, toothpaste: By adding it to a sponge or microfiber cloth, and passing it over the headlights, we will make them shine. A valid alternative to A few pennies is WD 40: All you have to do is spray it on your headlights and leave it on for about half an hour or 45 minutes and then always remove it with a microfiber cloth.