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Areas at risk in the next few hours


Colonel Mario Giulacci for “Between tonight and tomorrow, it is expected that it will rain in some areas of central and southern Italy accompanied by sand coming from the Libyan and Tunisian deserts. I will explain why.”

In Italy there will be nothing Sandstormbut in the next few hours in some areas, especially in areas south center, What is defined in technical terms can fall Dirty rain. This is what he explained Colonel Mario Goulacci Meteorologist and Chief Operations Officer at meteogiuliacci.itwho also specified that it is inappropriate to talk about a sandstorm in our country, even if some Effect It will be visible.

According to Giulichi, “There will indeed be a sandstorm in the Libyan desert And Tunisian. Meanwhile, one will arrive in Italy Inconvenience Which will be accompanied by a hurricane, a deep low pressure vortex that we see centered in the western Mediterranean, which will activate khamaseen wind directed from North Africa to the central and southern regions of our country.” The expert stressed that “we will not see sand on the ground except in places where it rains.” This sand obviously carries it quotes In Italy, he will stay there until the rain drags him down. It’s what we call “dirty rain.” And in the next few hours it can reach the central and southern regions, but not in the north.”

Therefore, in the middle and south according to Forecasting The sand is coming and will reach peak density and quantity between tonight and tomorrow morning, Friday May 6. “We have to see where it will rain to understand in which parts of Italy the drops can drag sand to the ground – concluded Giuliachi – and this is already happening in Sardinia In the Lazio. By evening there will be showers over the central regions, in particular on the Adriatic, therefore, marquisAnd Abruzzo And Molisebut also Umbria And Campania. Then again tomorrow the same phenomenon is always expected in the central regions and on the islands, where the rains will bring the desert sands with them to the land.”

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