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“That’s why Silovicki now thinks they’re betraying the Tsar.”

Looming on the horizon is the shadow of an impending coup Russian President Vladimir Putin. And this time, behind the news, there is also the power to turn the ongoing chatter of the past few weeks into a plausible scenario. Power is in the name of Andrei Soldatov, the chief Russian security expert, who has long since moved to London. asked by European Policy Analysis Center – His words then bounced back on the British mainstream media – the analyst relaunched what had been the backbone of his work for weeks: “For the first time… siloviki They are distancing themselves from the president. “I.”siloviki“They are the ex-officers of KGB (right Now Fsb), who possess an important slice of the country’s economic and political power and who, in fact, support Putin at the top of their pyramid.

Kirill, the most loyal patriarch to Putin that the EU has imposed on sanctions

Well, according to Soldatov, the power group has now turned its back on a leader Kremlin, having hated – to put it mildly – the purge within the security services imposed by the president. Basically, the stalemate in the conflict in Ukraine – that Putin’s will should have been a blitzkrieg – the tsar had blown up nearly 150 officials of various levels of the security services (the news was confirmed by Christo GrosevCEO of BellingcatInvestigative Journalism Organization). It is clear that they blame the military failure on them. But that’s not all, because to increase the suspicion and disapproval of siloviki, there was also news of the alleged arrest of two prominent figures of the group: Serge Besedaboss Fifth service, the Foreign Intelligence Branch of the Federal Security Service and its deputy. “The Russian president has been preparing for a coup for several weeks,” Soldatov asserts, citing two important facts in the past few days as evidence. On the one hand, the fact that Putin has raised the level of security around the Kremlin and, on the other hand, an overburden of social media activity has emerged in the past 24 hours in Russia and in Eastern European countries.

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But Soldatov is not the only one who plotted this scenario. The other analyst too Alexey MuravyevAn intelligence expert is convinced that there will even be a coup imminent. “There have been strong tensions in recent days between the intelligence services and the president,” he said. Sky News Australia It all began when Putin, in the face of Ukraine’s resistance that impeded the Russian advance, began blaming the secret services.

disease hypothesis

Between the lines of today, the English press also paints another scenario, which has little to do with the coup. That is, Putin was forced to disappear for an indefinite period of time due to an illness, possibly cancer. Very little is known about the president’s health conditions, considering how largely the Kremlin controls the internal media. But the recent apparitions of Caesar raised more than one bewilderment. Putin’s face looked very swollen and generally did not look healthy. From there, social media talked about an alleged illness that might force him to undergo surgery and thus a long break from the public scene.

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