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Are you a potential psychopathic narcissist? Take the test, the answer might surprise you


A psychopathic narcissist is socially dangerous most of the time, and diagnosing it is never easy.

Problems of the mind, psychology and psychiatry are more complex diseases to diagnose and then manage, but fortunately science is making tremendous progress. Meanwhile, someone with complete mental problems devised a test to understand whether people suffered from schizophrenia, or psychopathic sociopathy.

With a test devised by a psychopath, we can discover our dark side – InformazioneOggi.it

Recently, it has become very popular to talk about mental problems, and taboos are slowly being broken. But the terminology used for various diseases is often wrong, or not rooted. A complete narcissist shared his opinion on social media.

A diagnosed narcissist shared a conundrum: Are you a psychopathic narcissist? Find out like this

Jacob Skidmore has a socialite profile on TikTok with the nickname “The Nameless Narcissist”. Use your account to share experiences, opinions, and conclusions about what mental illness is and how to live with it.

In one of her many posts, she wrote:If you can answer this riddle correctly, it is a big sign that you are a psychopathOf course specify that later This is not a clinical trial, but a game.

In any case, Only through play can we discover an aspect of our personality that we have not sufficiently studied before.

According to the narcissist, only he and his sister (diagnosed with sociopathy) gave the correct answer to the test. So all that remains is to try to verify what the response says.

  • The story test tells the story of a woman who goes to her mother’s funeral and there she meets a boy she has never seen before: she is infatuated with him and believes he is the right man, her soul mate. However, she does not know how to find him or meet him again.
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The question to be answered is: The woman, just a week after her mother’s funeral, kills her sister. Why?

The answer to the riddle is as follows:For if he kills his sister, since sister and mother are related, it is very likely that the man will appear at this funeral as well.“.

According to the narcissist. Anyone considering such a possibility may have sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies. After all, the possible answers are endless, but only those with a possible mental disorder reach certain conclusions.

This, at least, is the “anonymous narcissist” theory. And certainly to check if we have any mental illnesses it is best to consult a specialist.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and relates to scientific studies or publications in medical journals. Thus, it does not replace a doctor’s or specialist’s consultation, and should not be taken into account when formulating treatments or diagnoses.)


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