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Apple's iOS 17.4 introduces new emojis, but not only that: here are more irresistible details

Apple's iOS 17.4 introduces new emojis, but not only that: here are more irresistible details

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 17.4 with a series of changes for the App Store, including new emojis and several other new features.

The first beta of iOS 17.4 has been revealed, and it contains several big changes: The beta arrived just days after Apple released iOS 17.3 to the public. With iOS 17.4, Apple plans to open up iOS to third-party app stores, browsers, and more To comply with the EU Digital Markets Act.

Historic turning point: Apple launches the first beta of iOS 17.4 –

Although the iOS 17.4 beta brings several important changes, Most of them will reach the European Union only. Apple does not provide support for alternative app stores and sideloading in other parts of the world. Below are all the changes found so far.

iOS 17.4 beta 1: What's new and what's changed

With iOS 17.4, Apple will bring big changes to the App Store and its broader ecosystem for iPhone users in the EU. This includes Support for third-party app stores for the first time, Changes to the rules regarding default web browsers, For game streaming apps and more. Currently, third-party browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge use the same WebKit engine as Safari. To comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, Apple will allow third-party browsers to use its rendering engine in iOS 17.4.

Apple opens sideloading of apps with iOS 17.4 beta – YouTube screenshot Francesco Baistrocchi –

This will allow Google Chrome to use its own Blink viewer on the iPhone instead of relying on the WebKit engine. In the EU, opening Safari on iOS 17.4 will offer users A new screen where they can choose their default browser. Options will include Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave. Once set as default, iOS will also use this browser and its rendering engine across all system apps.

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Apple Podcasts app It received some notable changes in iOS 17.4. First, there is now support for automatically generated texts. Apple will automatically generate these texts, then display them in the app itself. Finally, the Listen Now tab in the bottom row of the Apple Podcasts app has been renamed to Home.

The first beta version of iOS 17.4 Adds many new emojis from Emoji 15.1 version, including phoenixes, lemons, smileys that bob their heads up and down, and more. In total, there are 118 new additions. Apple is expanding SharePlay support to HomePod and Apple TV with iOS 17.4. This allows friends and family to control media playback on HomePod and Apple TV after giving them necessary permission.

The update will enable cloud-based game streaming apps Such as Nvidia's GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming on the App Store. Currently, these services can only allow access to their game library through an iOS web browser. After the release of iOS 17.4, this will no longer be the case, allowing for a much better cloud gaming experience.