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PS5 announces first 8K video game at 60 frames per second

As it turns out, there is a video game available for PS4 and ps5 that will be able to hit the original 8k at 60 frames per second. bubble!


The game in question is called the tourist It was developed by shinin multimedia. Before we get into the rhetoric about whether it’s really necessary to have 8K video games, let’s see what this super-packed title has to offer.

The move to 8k means, and this development team has confirmed several times, that the game’s internal offerings are 7680 x 4320 without Resampling And without strange magic. So it would be, on a theoretical level, an interesting amount of detail. However, there is one thing: the PS5, however futuristic, cannot produce 8k images on HDMI 2.1 because it stops at 4K.

But even “only” in 4K the game shows a huge amount of details. Nice depth of field. After all we are talking about a developer who is famous for its technical offerings and therefore able to compress everything possible from every pixel.

Touryst gira 8k game, ma solo su PS5

PS5 announces first 8K video game at 60 frames per second
PS5 announces its first 8K video game at 60fps (Image: youtube)

Let’s make it clear right away that The Touryst of shnn Multimedia is not a Sony console exclusive title but Multiple platform. How are the offers on Xbox series? The strange, but whimsical, maximum performance on a Microsoft console They don’t reach 8K but stop at 6K So it’s 5760 x 3240. The performance differences come from the consoles’ internal architecture: The PS5 has low-level graphics APIs.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X has an internal architecture that is practically similar to that of PCs: the GPU moves at a lower speed but its overall performance should be better thanks to Greater computational power. Regardless of this lack of 2k resolution, The Touryst on the Xbox Series X quietly travels at 60Hz with 60fps without showing any kind of artifact. It is then possible to switch to a file 120 fps That in fact, with a device capable of supporting this rate, it allows you to enjoy the game better.

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But how does all that computing power benefit from the full experience? Also, since when you look at it, Touryst is a game made in a style somewhat reminiscent of Minecraft, but unexpectedly, it’s exactly that kind of call up This extra power provides a smoother and smoother gaming experience. The development team was then able to create a better resolution for PS5 even without using 8k Shade and in Shallow depth of field.

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And it is precisely in this aspect, in the depth of field, that we can see the difference between 4K and 8K. Perhaps, despite The Touryst’s exceptional performance, the game produced by Shin’en Multimedia will not become new standard And even the next consoles after PS5 or Xbox Series won’t be able to handle this decision. Reason? Who will make the 8k monitors that non-billionaire users will want to buy?