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Apple, have you ever used the continuity function?  It will make you turn around (especially at work)

Apple, have you ever used the continuity function? It will make you turn around (especially at work)

Have you ever heard of continuity? This is one of Apple’s convenient features that will allow you to transition into the world of work.

Apple has established itself as one of the world’s most important technology companies in recent years. Success is built over time thanks to the painstaking work of our engineers and developers, with the ultimate goal of providing products and services that can always meet consumers’ needs. This also applies to iPhone, Mac, and iPad – among others – to the same extent The system software is always updated and interconnected.

Have you ever used the continuity function? –

In addition to entertainment, Apple devices have always been an essential tool for various business situations. Which relies on Apple software and software to perform even the most complex functions. In this sense, there is something that is not talked about much, but if used correctly, can literally do the job: We’re talking about continuity.

Continuing Apple, here’s how to use it right

Apple continuity It is one of the least discussed but at the same time the most powerful features when it comes to working with Cupertino OEM products. This feature has been around for some time On all devices updated to the latest versions of iOS and macOS, Giving anyone the opportunity to learn the tricks and secrets to carry out their work tasks in a short time.

How to make the most of this Apple feature at work
Here’s how Apple continuity works –

Thanks to continuity, in fact, you can Use your Mac with other Apple devices to work smarter And move seamlessly from one device to another. To activate everything, simply sign in with the same Apple ID on all your devices and activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Some of the most useful tools are Airdrop So you can share photos, videos, contacts and more wirelessly. or Broadcast on your Mac, so you can mirror your screen to another device.

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thanks for the Apple watchAlternatively, you can unlock your Mac or approve authentication requests without having to enter your password. It is impossible not to mention camera, with the ability to use the iPhone as a webcam or to scan a document. Other noteworthy features include: Drawing, non-playing, instant hotspot, sidecar, and general portfolio. We advise you to start using this system immediately, you will no longer be able to do without it!