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These two electronic feasts promise to enhance the flavor of every dish: how they work

These two electronic feasts promise to enhance the flavor of every dish: how they work

Crockery that changes the flavor of every dish: this is not a movie. Technological innovation that you did not expect arrives from Japan!

Table and kitchen chopsticks have their origins in ancient China, and are associated with many traditions and legends. They can be found in many different materials: bamboo, but also plastic, metal and even precious materials such as ivory. The Japanese version is generally made of polished wood, in different lengths for men, women and children.

Today, chopsticks are not only used in Eastern countries, but their use has spread throughout the world. In fact, there are different types of table chopsticks: for home use, everyone is generally expected to have their own personal chopsticks, while restaurants are provided with very economical disposable chopsticks. There are also chopsticks used for serving dishes and longer, sturdier chopsticks for cooking.

Revolutionary chopsticks: They can improve the flavor of a dish

Scientific research seeks to expand in all fields. Over time, we have dishes that have revolutionized our lives: thanks to the washing machine, we no longer wash our clothes by hand as our grandmothers did; With a dishwasher, we no longer wash dishes by hand using a sponge, detergent, etc. What you probably didn’t know is that Two Japanese researchers have developed revolutionary chopsticks!

Electrified Japanese chopsticks are coming (

Their names are Homi Miyashita, 47, a professor at Meiji University in Tokyo, and Hiromi Nakamura, 37, an associate professor at the University of Tokyo. These two Japanese researchers have developed some of them Chopsticks are able to artificially create the sensation of flavorWithout the use of salt thus reducing sodium chloride levels in Japanese cultural dishes. With this discovery, you will avoid using too much salt while maintaining the typical taste of the dishes.

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The research is based on a study that found that when a weak electrical current passes through the tongue, a person feels “Electric tasteIndeed, in 2011, researchers published an article in which they stated that the taste of foods and drinks changes with the use of electrified chopsticks and straws. Hence, they developed a technology that allows you, through electrical stimulation, to experience the delicious taste even with dishes that do not use salt.

Miyashita and Nakamura noted that they are grateful for the spotlight on this 13-year-old research, and that the 2011 paper has spurred related studies around the world. Next goal? The researchers intend to use the technology to create dishes depicted in the manga, for example.
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