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This is the mouse you should not choose, otherwise you will have unpleasant surprises


When using your computer, never choose this mouse or you may encounter unpleasant surprises: be very careful!

Nowadays almost all of us He spends long hours in front of the computer For work, study or just to have some fun. but this, It produces a number of negative health effects From our living organism.

What mice should you never choose –

For example, your eyesight becomes strained and you experience a series of poor posture. In this regard, today we want to talk with you about A An issue specifically related to mouse selection. Never choose these models Or you can take a big risk.

If you want to learn more about this topic and thus not be exposed to unnecessary risks, continue reading our article today. It will be of great help to you.

Never choose this mouse or you may be taking a huge risk!

As we told you earlier, excessive computer use can lead to a series of negative consequences on the body’s health. In particular, the choice of mouse can also greatly affect this aspect. the reason You should never choose this type of indicator.

Mice don’t choose –

Do you already know what we’re talking about? When you discover this, you will avoid making the same mistake again: your physical health is at stake! practically, Using the wrong mouse can cause what is called overuse syndrome or poor mouse technique. It is associated with severe wrist pain, which in some cases may also lead to chronic conditions.

The most common symptoms resulting from excessive or incorrect use of the mouse are increased local pain between the base of the wrist and the thumb that becomes worse during movements, difficulty moving the radiocarpal joint within the physiological range and swelling in the area where the pain is felt. . If these symptoms are neglected, weak strength, tingling, and restriction of hand movements may also occur.

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In more serious cases, diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, de Quervain’s disease, trigger finger, and tennis elbow can develop. To prevent this from happening, it is possible to take some small but effective precautions. In the first class, You should never buy an uncomfortable mouse.

Among them are some vertical models that reduce the biomechanical overload of the upper limb compared to conventional models. For those who have fairly small hands, it may also be indicated Use a small mouse Integrated with wrist rest matAble to significantly reduce hand overextension, pressure in the wrist canal and tension in the wrist, shoulder and neck area.

Positions to be held in the PC

In addition to selecting the mouse, Even the position we take in front of the computer can have effects on our health. In particular, to avoid encountering unpleasant surprises, it is recommended to keep the body and upper limb position as comfortable as possible.

This should be characterized by alignment between the hand and forearm without ulnar or radial deviations. Furthermore, the forearm should rest approximately halfway between the wrist and elbow on the work surface. The hand working on the mouse should extend in front of the shoulder, to avoid limb abduction and muscle contractions on the trapezius and neck.

You will notice, thanks to these simple but effective measures, that you will no longer feel pain in your back and especially in your wrist after spending a whole day working at the computer. If symptoms persist, it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor.

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