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Apple, astrophotography on iPhone: Now there’s a dedicated app

Some call it astrophotography, others astrophotography, it does the same thing. It is a type of photography that is becoming increasingly popular in smartphones all over the world, cell phones or Melafonini.

Astrophotography lands on iPhone – Adobe Stock

The love of the orbs has become a passion that can now be refined with a simple tap on your smartphone: astronomical imaging techniques They use digital cameras and those with a chemical film, not forgetting the electronic sensors.

One of the main features available on Google Pixel phones as the Pixel 4 was specifically Astrophotography. Google Pixel 4 and above have always been able to create great photos star shots in the sky, creating a series of exposures over a long period of time and then merging them together.

Soft music, zero scruples. A tripod or manual is the same (almost)

Night image 20211227 cells
Night photos on the smartphone and Melafonini – Adobe Stock

Crazy, amazing and unimaginable are the qualities that qualify to be used in detail that can be captured with a smartphone. Until recently, this feature was exclusive to Pixel. not now.
Now there slow music Free app available for i Melafonini, It was developed by Unistellar, whose main business is telescopes. Their latest product, the eVscope 2, is a motorized digital telescope that has some interesting features. Nocturne is able to bring astrophotography to non-pixel devices.

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Practically works in mode astrophotography From Pixel, just inside a file Iphone. It works by taking a series of exposures and stitching them together, similar to what you do google browser with Pixel: Its results are very smooth. Sure, the Pixel results are better, but not by much: photos look more natural, and the colors on trees and other objects in the foreground are still very close to their actual representation.

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considering that phone It does not have any kind of astrophotography mode other than night mode, the results are very good. colors slow music They are slightly darker with an almost surreal feel. Another fact that should not be underestimated is its use: slow music It’s easy to use.

It is advisable to mount the iPhone on a tripod or place it on something anyway. Portable photos won’t work, but when you hit the shutter button, you get a countdown that’s usually around three minutes. destroy We recommend that you turn off the smartphone sound, otherwise you will hear the shutter sound every time the phone takes a picture.

But you can do everything manually on Melafonino: slow music He has no qualms if you want to get an app slow music In the middle of the day while you’re jumping in, she’ll let you in. The results won’t be up front, but it can still be done. It is not a small detail.