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Strange wanderings of planets without a reference star

Strange wanderings of planets without a reference star

The wonder of the universe: the controversial discovery, found 170 wandering planets without stars. what is he talking about.

Planets (Pixabay)

The universe has always been a wonderful thing yet to be discovered. In this regard, there are many studies and analyzes underway that highlight all its wonders.

at recent days European Southern Observatory Complete a discovery rooted in the identification of up to 170 potential worlds floating aimlessly in our corner of the galaxy. Let’s find out what it is.

The wonders of the universe, discover 170 planets: what’s going on

New methods and means of study made it possible for the European Southern Observatory to make one of the most surreal discoveries in the world.

Planets of the solar system
Solar System (Pixabay)

Astronomer and first author of Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux, Nuria Merritt Roig claim it

There could be several billion of these giant planets floating freely in the Milky Way without a host star. We measured the precise motions, colors, and brightness of tens of millions of sources over a large expanse of sky.

then again

These measurements allowed us to safely identify the faintest objects in this region, the so-called rogue planets.

However, a problem Which is about not being able to see these worlds in detail. She explained that at first they looked like small cavities in spacetime, as their massive bodies briefly distorted the background of starlight.

Then with the latest collection of dataExperts note that newborn planets have continued to glow with residual heat for millions of years.

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The universe is an ongoing discovery and scientists never miss an opportunity to study and analyze the various motions and properties that compose it. There will be more updates in the coming years and in the meantime the most curious will be able to deepen the topic covered in this article which is very interesting and can be a starting point for future studies to be done. Moreover, the means also make a difference compared to the past.