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Weather, winter is now over. But would that be true?

meteo 13673 - Meteo, winter is now over.  But would that be true?

This is the tone with which many readers writeThey stated that they were experts in meteorology:Here, winter is over, you have promised us snow and frost, but now … well note, we are on December 27, winter is over. “

They are desperate tunes that follow each other every year, which bombards all weather locations whenever there is a change in weather development, by predicting the cold period suggested by high-resolution mathematical models, super calculators located in vast areas such as a shopping mall.

from our side Comment on the weather that will be in one or five daysAfter that period, we were always highlighting it and talking about it climate trend. Weather because it promises very specific weather phenomena, climatic because the topic deals with overview, not local weather. Often with wording to be confirmed, which, however, when it comes to weather trends and forecasts It must be understoodespecially In the DNA of weather lovers.

the Meteorology is perhaps one of the most fascinating sciences, the tools, the publications we have, the amount of information, They made it great.

Then the climax to read that “winter is over by the end of December”. Just because you’ve seen maps in different colors up to 300 hours of prediction and more than I assumed they underpin our writing, but that’s not true.

But the weather is not so simple, is primarily derived from a Chaotic Atmosphere Systemwhere, moreover, The effects of climate change have intensified in recent yearsthat pollute past experience.

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Today we talked about ENSOWell, scientists predict that it will soon stop, and change is already taking place as its excesses increase, which is why in the most vulnerable countries unusual weather phenomena, sometimes unprecedented in severity. And in those places, weather services are often unable to provide forecasts as in Western countries, and bad weather kills thousands of people every year.

Snow seems to be an infinite fixation. But what if you had the opportunity to read the research that appeared in international scientific journals, you would find out That the weather is beyond They can hold us to more extreme phenomena, for example That after a hot period you can switch to icy at nothing.

It happened last winter in Texas, but not only that, In Europe in Madrid and Spain.

at the end, Online publishing has changed, including the weather. The important thing is not to delve into the title or the pictorial, But for the contents.