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The snow is coming, and when will it fall in the plains, and the dates are near

The snow is coming, and when will it fall in the plains, and the dates are near

Snow is poised to return to low-lying levels next week

It’s cold in Italy! Already the inland areas between the Marche and Abruzzo are covered with flaky snow up to the foothills; Be careful, there will be chances of fresh snow over the next few days even in the plains of some regions.

As expected, Attila’s Arctic Disturbance causes widespread snowfall in the central regions and high up into the highlands, and the White Lady also reaches Molise. We are located in Capracotta (Isernia), the second highest municipality of the Apennines, at about 1421 meters above sea level.

From Sunday 26 November, colder air of arctic origin moves in from northern Europe and will bring temperatures down further and widespread. Climate is below average. It will be positiveAccumulation in lower layers of freezing air Actually there will be stuck The Po Valley is called that type of basin in meteorological jargon Cold pillow.

And be careful when Next week They are expected Disturbance of at least 2 pulses Capable of causing precipitation including snow.
on the night of Monday 27th and into the early hours of Tuesday 28th November Here it is First frontDescending from Northern Europe, reaching the Mediterranean basin, a cyclonic eddy will form that will then position itself between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea: as a result, the weather should deteriorate rapidly, and precisely thanks to the cold cushion and. At low temperatures, Snow can reach the Piedmont plains. On that day The Alps Expected snowfall will be very heavy and heavy and may reach accumulations 60 cm above 1500 m At the end of the event.

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A Second motivation Cold weather could reach Italy between Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December There is still potential Snow up to the plains in the north. It is reasonable to expect flurries (perhaps mixed with rain) in cities like Turin, Vercelli, Novara, wedge, Varis, PaviaBut do Milan And Bergamo. However, given the long temporal distance, we will have the opportunity to return to this in our next weather updates.Cold air moves into Italy: snow possible next week

Cold air moves into Italy: snow possible next week

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