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America fears another tragedy.  What federal law provides

America fears another tragedy. What federal law provides

A new expedition to find the Titanic is ready: the mission was planned a few months after the tragedy of the Oceangate submarine and is scheduled for 2024.

The US government is trying to shut down the sunken ship salvage business with a citation Federal law It is a International agreement It identifies the place as a “sacred site”.

Shipping is arranged by RMS Titanic Inc, a Georgian company that holds the patent for the world’s most famous distortion. The company collects and displays artefacts recovered from the wreck site at its baseNorth Atlantic.

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What the law provides

The battle in the U.S. District Court in Norfolk, Virginia, which oversees the recovery of the Titanic, instead Federal law and a treaty with Great Britain on board the Titanic.

Among the government’s concerns were the destruction of artifacts (and human remains, ed.) that might still exist. “The RMST is not free to ignore this validly enacted federal law, but that is its intent,” said U.S. attorneys who brought court documents filed Friday.


RMST is scheduled to be sent May 2024According to a statement filed in court in June. The company said it wanted to photograph the entire wreck. RMSD said it recovers artifacts from the debris field and “recovers free-standing objects within the ruins.” These may include items inside the Marconi room, but only if those items are not ‘connected’ to the wreck.

The Marconi Room It contains the ship’s radio — a Marconi wireless telegraph — that transmits Titanic’s increasingly frantic distress signals after the ship hits the iceberg. Morse code messages were intercepted by other ships and shore-based receiving stations and helped save the lives of about 700 people who escaped in lifeboats.

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“At this time, the company has no plans to cut the wreck or remove any part of the wreck,” RMST said. The agency said it was working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the US agency that represents the public interest in the wreck. But RMST said it has no plans to seek permission. Lawyers Government officials said they could not proceed with the study, arguing that the RMST needed approval from the U.S. Secretary of Commerce, which oversees NOAA.

Legal struggle

The Georgian company did not file Answer in courtBut it has previously challenged the constitutionality of US attempts to “infringe” on its rights to salvage a wreck in international waters. The study argued that the Norfolk court had exclusive jurisdiction, and had centuries of precedent in maritime law. In 2020, the U.S. government and RMSD could wage a nearly identical legal battle over the proposed shipwreck. But the activities were stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic and were not fully carried out.

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