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The Under-Secretary highlights the dangers to man

The Under-Secretary highlights the dangers to man

Health Minister Roberto Speranza hands over administration to Andrea Costa: Interview with Undersecretary Virgilio

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“I respect everyone’s feelings, animal rights and environmental activists, but we are facing an emergency.” Thus the Minister of Health, Roberto HopeIn the face of new cases of swine flu: After the alarm that initially affected Piedmont and Liguria, the problem is now about Lazio and should be “dealt with by emergency equipment,” said Speranza, who handed over the case to management. Undersecretary Andrea Costa. In fact, one case was reported in Inzukerato Park in the northwest of the capital, bringing 115 cases from the beginning of this year, in three regions: Liguria and Piedmont, after Lazio. Dell ‘Emergency in Italy Costa spoke for himself, they give an interview to Virgilio News.