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Perla Fatero and Greta Rossetti: An unexpected alliance – Big Brother 2023

Perla Fatero and Greta Rossetti: An unexpected alliance – Big Brother 2023

Mirko Welcome to the studio, here, Alfonso Signorini The boy invites a comparison with the two ex-girlfriends: Greta H Perla. Since the businessman’s exit, the two seem to have formed an unusual bond.

The contestants are summoned to the Mystery Game to watch the moments after Mirko’s elimination from the game together. Both of them did not expect that he would be the one to leave the House of Representatives, but they did not hide their disappointment regarding some of the positions of the former competitor.

They both, after seeing the boy coming out, began to think about the words that Mirko had addressed to both of them, who were convinced that they saw the boy approaching, but in reality, he had the same behavior towards both of them. . “I thought he was looking at me, and that he was jealous, but he did that to you too.” Perla says, while Greta confirms: “He can’t fall in love with you two.”

The hug led to a new beginning between the two, the true beginning of their adventure without Mirko present.

According to Greta, the boy does not like both of them, deep down he knows their feelings towards whoever they live with, while according to Perla, it is not necessary for her to be Mirko’s choice, if we have to talk about it. Choice at all. If in the past she considered the businessman the man of her life, today the competitor says that she is sure that she cannot have a relationship with him.

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Mirko claims that the hug between the two was fake, and he did not expect the considerations he heard: “I was sorry to hear you talk about me when I came out, as mature people it would have been better to do that when I was inside.” The boy thundered.

“I didn’t come in Big Brother to make a decision, you two came to ruin my trip.” He accuses Mirko, who also defends himself from the accusations made by both of them, namely: that he said the same things to both of them. The former rival explains that he doesn’t want to hurt either of them and that’s why he tried to be affectionate in the same way.

Perla was the first to respond, and explained that the hug was born spontaneously after an honest discussion: “She told me things I didn’t know.” Sharing the thoughts expressed by her roommate, Greta adds that she feels sorry that Mirko was the one who lost out on this experience: “Anyone could have been in trouble in your place.”

“None of them ever put themselves in my shoes, nor did they understand that I was having difficulty.” She accuses the competitor, but Birla disagrees and says: “Often I would lock myself in the bathroom and cry, leaving certain situations so that I would not suffer.”

The businessman continues to defend himself, so Alfonso Signorini asks them: “Will one of them leave the house out of respect for Mirko?”

Perla is confident no, while Greta is more hesitant, but Mirko believes that these answers do not change his thoughts.

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The confrontation is not over, and in the next few hours there will be a direct face-to-face meeting with Birla.