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Amadeus Ray case, Sabrina Verrelli shocked to say goodbye: 'It's disgusting'

Amadeus Ray case, Sabrina Verrelli shocked to say goodbye: 'It's disgusting'

The actress is making her voice heard on social media with a toxic post against those attacking Rai. Looks like the Sanremo host is leaving. Journalists protest in chorus.

Tommaso Pietrangelo


Writer, journalist, singer and songwriter. He graduated in foreign literature and is passionate about cinema, poetry and Shakespeare. He writes songs and loves cats.

He comes in with his legs straight too Sabrina Virilli, in the Amadeus controversy. Because the Romanian actress made her voice heard this morning on social media Toxic story about (possible) The broadcaster's farewell to Al-Rai. Didn't digest it Courier attacksapparently, directed in a veiled way against Mogul, Bovia E Benno education. Here is what he wrote All the details From the story.

Sabrina Verrelli rush

“Since I don't know these people Personally,” the actress began on her social media page, “but I know who they are and they are definitely professionals who have been doing their job for years. “The way people shame themselves disgusts me.”. But it doesn't stop there, Sabrina. He added: “Superficiality, these days where People are used like candy wrappers “It disgusts me.”

Briefly, He doesn't tell them Sure, Verrelli. Even if it's not very clear, in his impromptu outburst, who is really angry and who is he defending. Why was there talk of CsRare (and now everywhere) of the pressure that Mother Ray puts on Amadeus: Imposition of the Mongols As technical director of Sanremo, Povia asked (near the league) in the team of competing singers, demanding inclusion Hi Porcelli (Fratelli d'Italia region) in some way as a guest.” Which is why, Fiorello jokes, he may have chosen the host Do not renew the contract Which links him until the summer with Viale Mazzini.

Rai journalists attack the administration (and the government)

while, Arises strong Controversy among opinion journalists. The Union of Rai Journalists (USiGRai) issued a press release which was also read by several journalists from Tg1, Tg2 and Tg3 today. We read “Amadeus' Possible Farewell” “It will likely be another blow for Ray. A loss can have serious repercussions on valuations as well On the company's accounts. A possible move to a competing network, unfortunately not the first, which cannot help but worry, Relative to the top of the head (Announcement by the General Directorate) Those who held public office with military hands. If there is no direct responsibility for Fabio Fazio for this summit (even if nothing was done to retain him), then in this case many sources confirm that the artist's choice to leave Rai was not dictated by economic reasons, but by “Disappointment at the impossibility of creating it.”.

USiGRaiIn reality, He really made his voice heard two days ago, at a time when Ray's supervisory committee gave the green light to the equal conditions rule. Then the journalists protested for “Government loudspeaker”. Now the Amadeus can does nothing but thicken the clouds above the (already very black) sky. public service.

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