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I'm sorry they allow their husbands to talk to me this way

I'm sorry they allow their husbands to talk to me this way

In You've Got Mail, Giuseppe and Antonia are rejected by their daughters. The man gets angry: “I'm sorry that my daughters allow their husbands to talk to me this way.” Maddalena and Francesca open the envelope but it is clear that the conflicts are not over yet.

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Giuseppe and Antonia They are the heroes of the second story of You've got mail Airing on Saturday, January 13. Antonia is writing on the show because two of her daughters have chosen to cut ties with their parents. The dispute arose over a friend of one of them, Maddalena, who intended to take Antonia's 21-year-old daughter with him to Germany. At Christmas 2014, Maddalena informed her parents that she wanted to move to Germany. The parents take their time and request that the two boys get married before moving on. Maddalena left for Germany in January and told her parents she would never return. After a while, the woman reveals to her parents that she is pregnant and decides to get married without their invitation. The grieving mother decides to put on a brave face even after discovering that Maddalena and Mariano decided to name their children after her in-laws. After some time, Maddalena's sister began frequenting Mariano's brother and, like Antonia's eldest daughter, decided to leave for Germany and never return to Italy. Relations between Giuseppe and Antonia and their daughters, Maddalena and FrancescaIt began to become a problem until the two young women informed their parents that they no longer considered them welcome in Germany in the name of a series of unspecified disrespect.

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Francesca and Maddalena's reasons: “They did not offer dinners, parties and breakfasts”

Giuseppe and Antonia sent mail to their daughters, husbands, and parents, hoping to reach a reconciliation involving the entire family. Maria De Filippi traces Maddalena and Francesca's entire story so that the two can explain their reasons. “When I called home to say that I was expecting a baby girl, my mother did not want to talk to me,” this is Madalena’s first accusation, “The limit came when I touched my children. Last summer we saw each other, before Covid, we were organizing a party for my son and I was disappointed that he didn't contribute. I was disappointed that they did not provide us with breakfast. The next time, we went for pizza and my parents wanted to split the bill with my in-laws. I felt bad about that“. Maddalena's husband Surprisingly, he says that he was threatened by his father and that the man insulted his daughter. They also accuse them of never taking care of their children. Rosa, Maddalena and Francesca's mother-in-law, adds:There was not a single occasion on which he did not threaten his daughtersMaddalena also remembers that it was her parents who told her to consider them dead.

Giuseppe to his daughters: “I'm sorry that they allow their husbands to talk to me this way”

Francesca's husband, Christian, then accuses his father-in-law of coming to the show to perform and Giuseppe threatens to interrupt the confrontation: “I'm sorry that my daughters allow him to say certain thingsDe Filippi tries to bring the man back to calm, and asks him to say what qualities of his daughters he misses most. Unfortunately, both daughters see the envelope closed. De Filippi's final prompt: “I sealed the envelope but you could tell from a mile away that you didn't want to“. Francesca, on the other hand, tries to leave the door open: “Tonight I can't open the envelope, but maybe, little by little, things can changeAfter her sister and mother-in-law are convinced, Maddalena agrees to open the envelope but it is clear that the struggles are not over yet.

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