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Also kettle bonus in 2024: how to request the incentive and what requirements you have

Also kettle bonus in 2024: how to request the incentive and what requirements you have

Some bonuses have also been renewed for 2024, such as the kettle bonus, and there are several ways to benefit from them.

When we talk about boiler bonuses, we are generally referring to some form of purchase facility, which could be in the form of a direct rebate or tax credit. As we know, boilers are no longer the subject of a future ban, at least for the time being, but it is necessary to choose the most sustainable.

The concept is simple, eg It works just like a household appliance: the more modern the boiler is designed, the less it pollutes and, moreover, it also saves on the bill. So we can decide to buy a new one to replace the old one or install one in the house we are buying/renovating.

What are Active Boilers Bonuses 2024 and what benefits do they offer

Depending on the discount chosen, with Boiler Bonus you can get both direct discounts on the bill and tax relief.

Renewal and boiler bonus

Some boiler bonuses are included in the renovation or construction bonuses –

Currently, and through 2024, Actions can result in a tax deduction of 50% to 65% or 90% or an immediate deduction thanks to credit transfer and invoice discount.; However, in the latter case, the purchase and installation were carried out by February 17, 2023. Basically, in 2024, we can get the boiler bonus by accessing different types of construction bonuses.

  • In fact, there is no specific bonus, as happens for example with air conditioners, but bonuses that allow you to save if you switch to – or if you buy – an energy-efficient boiler.
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Interested parties can therefore access, for example, Mobile RewardsWhich as we know also brings the boiler back. This bonus gives a 50% tax deduction on expenses incurred and can be claimed by anyone making renovations to the property.

also Extra bonus It recognizes the presence of terrain on the boiler, but in this case the property in question must undergo works that improve its energy efficiency by at least two orders of magnitude.

Colonel 2024 renewal bonusHowever, you can get a 50% discount on the costs incurred for the boiler, if this is part of the building construction work. The maximum spending is 96 thousand euros.

Finally, let’s not forgetecobonus, Which offers discounts of 65% on the purchase and installation of boilers, but these boilers must be condensing (the most innovative at the moment but also the most expensive) and Class A. The discount is only valid if in addition to the above type selection the advanced boiler thermoregulation systems of class V, VI or VII are also installed. In fact, a condensing boiler is usually more convenient and suitable in new properties, which are better insulated and more efficient.