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Automotive production, a historic turning point: nothing will ever be the same again

Automotive production, a historic turning point: nothing will ever be the same again

It’s clear that the automotive world is revolutionizing itself, and truly crazy change is now imminent.

The desire to give life to a new world, highly environmentally conscious and attentive to nature, includes all sectors of daily life. This can be seen in the desire to produce a series of zero-electric vehicles, with electric vehicles becoming very popular for both cars and motorcycles.

A revolution in car production (Canva –

Electric mobility is becoming increasingly prevalent in industrial production, with the addition of new vehicles such as scooters and e-bikes. For this reason, the quality and type of internal work in companies is also subject to a massive series of renovations.

Costs are currently very high, as explained by the head of Kia Italia I finishWith the electrical revolution that caused huge expenses for societies. However, this will be a huge help in the future, especially since the way we approach car production is clearly changing.

The role of people has become less important, as the use of technology has become crucial. This is not only a situation dictated by the speed of time, but also a result of the choice to improve product quality. In fact, it is already clear that there are many jobs being done by different robots in companies, as the future is increasingly the present.

One of the companies that is trying to develop automotive technology as much as possible is: Tesla. The American giant has proven that it is at the forefront, with an autonomous driving project that is now increasingly tangible, but improvements can also be seen in the field of car manufacturing.

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Tesla leads the way: here’s how to increase production

Proof of how successful the increase of robots in car production has been is evident in the numbers associated with Tesla. In 2016, the American company began a series of renovations to be able to increasingly increase production, especially regarding… Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 (ANSA –

In fact, the latter was the version that led to the most significant change, considering that its order was 325 thousand copies, which is why it became necessary to produce 5,000 cars per week. The idea of ​​​​expanding the production of new cars in this way was allocated for the year 2018 and from that year onwards Elon Musk And the partners continued to improve.

The decision of the highest management in North America was to establish complete automation in construction Model 3. For this reason, a total of 1,000 robots were purchased, and their mission was to produce robots Model 3 From the beginning until it was put on the road.

At first the project did not go well, to the point that… Tesla He was unable to exceed 2,000 cars per week, which was far below expectations. However, the creation of giant factories allowed the company to expand production on a large scale, as Tesla became increasingly central to the automotive world from then on.