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Apulia on the national throne

Apulia on the national throne

The data on photovoltaic energy in Italy speaks clearly, the growth of the sector in Italy has continued at a rapid pace: as of last September 30, operating plants exceeded 1.5 million (+23% compared to the end of 2022), for a total capacity of about 28.6 GW (+14%) .

However, Italy’s Heel region still ranks highest in the ranking of the sunniest Italian regions with a total production of 3,435 GWh, followed by Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna with 3,028 and 2,500 respectively. On the other hand, Basilicata, thanks to the photovoltaic panels installed on its territory, has a total energy production of 432 GWh. This was revealed by the Director of Energy Services (GSE) of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which periodically publishes the statistical report for the photovoltaic energy sector, which shows the characteristics, spread and uses of the systems operating on Italian territory.

By examining the data contained in the national dossier, it was confirmed that the South is a strategic region with great potential for generating electricity from green sources: in Puglia in 2023 more than 16 thousand photovoltaic systems were installed (in Lucania just over 3 thousand) compared to More than 7 thousand in 2022. However, throughout the national territory, more than 283 thousand plants entered into operation, a figure 2.2 times higher than the figure recorded in the same period of 2022. The total surface area occupied by ground stations can be estimated Its area is about 16,300 hectares: about 4,500 hectares in Puglia and just over 500 hectares in Basilicata. However, Taco is the Italian region where photovoltaics steal the most land from agriculture (0.34%).

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The sector with the largest number of factories is the residential sector, but it is the industrial sector that develops the greatest amount of energy and overall production. Bari is among the cities where the most systems have been installed.

Furthermore, Puglia is also the second region in Italy in terms of installation of renewable energy plants…

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