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Alina, the rabbis deny her burial in holy ground: “She did not convert” –

Alina, the rabbis deny her burial in holy ground: “She did not convert” –

From our correspondent
Jerusalem – Israel remains an internally divided country despite everything. The terrible massacre committed by Hamas on October 7 made us forget for a moment the dangerous demonstrations and disputes against the government and religious parties that have so deeply torn society as a whole in recent months, but When tested with facts, the basic problems remain unchanged.

The proof now comes with Tensions Created by Rabbinate’s decision not to bury 23-year-old Alina Vlahati in a holy Jewish cemeteryWho was killed by Hamas, and his mutilated body was not identified until recently. the reasons? Alina had not yet completed the religious procedures to convert to Judaism He therefore has no right to be buried in an official cemetery controlled by the rabbinate.

Family protests. “Our daughter died as a Jew among the Jews,” her father says. It turns out that other victims, especially those of Russian origin, were not buried according to rabbinical procedures and halakha, Jewish law. The question is old. In the 1990s, the rabbinate refused to recognize soldiers who emigrated from Russia and died in Lebanon. In recent years, the growth of religious parties has exacerbated tensions.

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