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Most Expensive Cities to Live In |  There are two Italians in the ranking too: here they are

Most Expensive Cities to Live In | There are two Italians in the ranking too: here they are

With a big surprise Hong Kong He came out on top of the standings. The Chinese city-state is “only” second this year. In the first place it is the capital of Turkmenistan, AshgabatAccording to Mercer, hyperinflation and food shortages, due to the ongoing financial crisis in the country.

Bronze Medal for Beirut. The Lebanese capital moved from 45th place in 2020 to third place in just one year, thanks to the country’s economic recession. The Covid-19 epidemic and the explosion of the city’s port on August 4 last year had exacerbated the situation.

It also loses a position Tokyo. The Japanese giant city drops off the podium to take fourth place. Among the cities of the rising sun, Osaka also appears a little lower.

In fifth place there Zurich in Switzerland. The Swiss city is the most expensive in its country, surpassing even the capital Bern and Geneva, and is also in the top ten. The sixth most expensive city in the world is instead Shanghai In China. The city is a financial center of global importance. It is almost admittedly more expensive to live here than in the capital, Beijing.

Singapore It ranks seventh. Having ranked fifth in 2020, this city-state in southern Malaysia has lost two spots compared to 2020. However, the island has been confirmed as a luxury destination with a high quality of life, due to its characteristics as a global financial center, tropical climate and multi-ethnic population.

In eighth place we return to Switzerland. Geneva In 2021, it rose one rank and became the second most expensive city in the country. However, this is not surprising, given that it is the nerve center of diplomacy and the banking sector: it hosts the European headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross.

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It also goes up a step in the ranking Beijing. From 10th place in 2020, it became the 9th capital of China. Last but not least among the top ten is the capital of Switzerland. In just one year Bern He lost two places, and finished 10th in 2021.

Coming down the rankings, there are other major global cities, such as Seoul in South Korea, and Tel Aviv in Israel. New York also appeared in the top 10 last year, and today is only 14th with a loss of eight places. The European capitals, London and Paris, reach the 18th and 33rd places, respectively. Instead, Milan ranked 36th and Rome 47th, Arriving at the place occupied by the Lombard capital in 2020.