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US-China tension over Taiwan, Biden: "Beijing ready for military intervention in case of invasion".  CNN: "Even its directors were surprised"

US-China tension over Taiwan, Biden: “Beijing ready for military intervention in case of invasion”. CNN: “Even its directors were surprised”

Harsh words about China Come Taiwan, A very delicate landscape between two superpowers. Statements of uncertainty, explicitly quoting a “Military intervention” Answer in case of invasion. Fire reports, they have “Surprise” Even his entourage. Joe Biden Flying to Japan poses dangersDiplomatic event At an already tense moment, with its announcements of an island state in the China Sea, Beijing is claiming part of its territory. The US president, who visited Tokyo, said he was ready for it Military intervention Support for the island in the event of a Chinese invasion was determined by some after the Russian campaign in Ukraine.

“Yes. This is the commitment we have made,” he said President of the White House Answer to a specific question. “Even though the United States has signed the policyChina only“Promoted by Beijing against island independence,” does not mean China can seize Taiwan by force, and Xi Jinping’s government ” Playing with fire“. Note on drills, aerial maneuvers and patrols Marina AndChinese aviation Around the Straits of Taiwan, 2,000 kilometers south of Japan. Warned that drastic action would be taken.InappropriateBiden and Kishida have announced a major in this regard. Tracking Naval operations in Beijing and Russian-Chinese exercises in the Asia-Pacific region limit the possibility of unilateral military action.

Pitton’s claims, he explains CnnThey have “Taken by surprise” The same Consultants White House sources close to the president told American television that the president’s staff were already working to release a statement clarifying the U.S. position. But Biden’s words had already provoked a reaction from Beijing, which expressed “strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition” and made it clear that it was ready. Stick up Your own National interests In Taiwan: “On issues related to sovereignty and regional integrity, China There is no room for compromise or concessions. No one should underestimate the commitment of the Chinese people, ”said a Foreign Ministry spokesman. China states that it will “take decisive action to protect its sovereignty and security interests” and urges Washington to “respect the policy of one China and three Sino-US relations, not to support Taiwan’s independence, a. Pay attention With words and deeds on the Taiwan issue Do not send false signals To the separatist forces demanding Taiwan’s independence.

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Satisfaction with Taipei Foreign Ministry instead, “Expresses compliments To both President Biden and the US Government for reaffirming the United States’ firm commitment to Taiwan. The island is committed to “firmly defending” its “freedom, democracy and security” and underscores the international community’s fears about the “challenge” posed by China. Taiwan will continue to strengthen its defense capabilities and deepen cooperation with like-minded countries such as the United States to “collectively protect” the Taiwan Strait.International order In terms of rules ”.

Biden’s remarks reflect growing concerns about China’s commitment to the region: the US government has maintained what it has so far called “”.Strategic ambiguityThe use of military force in retaliation for the Chinese attack on Taiwan was accepted 1979 After Washington moved its diplomatic headquarters from Taipei to Beijing, it maintained only unofficial relations with the island. “Strategic ambiguity” means not only preventing China from using force against Taiwan, but also preventing Taiwan from gaining independence, because neither Beijing nor Taipei can be sure that the US will intervene to protect the country. Conflict.