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30 million Hong Kong from the United States to cross the "Great Wall of China" of the web

30 million Hong Kong from the United States to cross the “Great Wall of China” of the web

Under the consideration of the US government, $ 30 million will be allocated to allow residents of Hong Kong these days Bypass The so-called Better firewall, A complex web of laws and technologies developed by the Chinese government to regulate the Internet within the country.

Recently landed And in Russia, The The Great Wall The Internet restricts citizens’ access to services such as Facebook, WhatsApp and all Google services.

Although not yet in force within Hong Kong’s borders, a national security law last year caused a stir about the possibilities it could represent. The first step in expanding a large firewall Even within the boundaries of the Special Administrative Region.

Currently the Senate comes under the so-called grand allocation of funds for scrutiny Law of Innovation and Competition in the United States, Alternative modification, which includes incentives to increase internal semiconductor output.

In section 3309 of the Act, a “Open, functional, reliable and secure Internet“For Hong Kong citizens.

The funds will then be allocated to the Open Technology Fund, A non-profit organization operating in the field of cyber censorship prevention.

We also recently did a little adventure with a Chinese firewall. To find out how it went, we suggest you take a look For our special.

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