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AI is starting to affect the US presidential election.  A bogus Biden urges voters not to vote in New Hampshire

AI is starting to affect the US presidential election. A bogus Biden urges voters not to vote in New Hampshire

Reported by Nbc, but it's destined to spark debate. Both the technology used and the gravity of the action taken. The New Hampshire attorney's office is investigating several automated phone calls made by the voice of US President Joe Biden. By phone, recipients are urged not to vote in the presidential elections this Tuesday. “Although the voice on the call appears to be the president's, the message appears to be artificially generated,” the attorney general's office said in a statement. “These messages appear to be an illegal attempt to interfere in New Hampshire's presidential election. Voters should ignore the content entirely.”

Audio of Fake Biden

In the message, Fake Biden notes: “It's important to save your vote for the November election.” “This Tuesday's vote – says the voice – is nothing but support for the Republicans in their bid to re-elect Donald Trump. Your vote will make a difference in November, not this Tuesday. Making it all credible is the ID, which is the phone number of Kathy Sullivan, the former head of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, who is the primary. He supports Biden's campaign in the polls, but this aspect also has an explanation.

CNN analyzed the audio by Nomorobo, a company that specializes in researching these technologies. Their tracking data, based on spam blockers, suggests a large volume of calls. It is not known who is behind this. Owned by Nomorobo CEO Aaron Foss declared 76% of reports to CNN come from New Hampshire, 12% from Boston, and the remaining 12% from other areas. The number of these fraudulent calls is estimated to be between 5,000 and 25,000 calls. Aaron Jacobs, spokesman Write-in button“This is deeply misleading disinformation designed to harm Biden, suppress votes and harm our democracy,” he said.

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ID fraud

Finally, there's the IT problem here. The call uses spoofing, a common practice in fraudulent robocalls, which effectively hides the true identity of the caller and manipulates caller ID information to display a fake phone number. Those who received the call found a local New Hampshire number belonging to Cathy Sullivan, a former chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and treasurer of the Granite for America PAC. However, Sullivan had nothing to do with the matter. In fact, after his number appeared on several citizens' phones, a report was made to the prosecutor's office.

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