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Account problems and possible attack

Account problems and possible attack

The ING . Live Alert Service It seems that he emptied the accounts of many clients of the well-known bank, causing great problems in their hearts. We can’t rule out tentatively that it could be a hacker attack, but we’re certainly on a different level than the issues we’re facing. Facebook social networking site In the past months. In an effort to deepen the story, more information is already being obtained.

What do we know about empty account problems due to the ING Direct alert service?

We’ve tried contacting support and can confirm testimonials from some users on the web. The anomaly is appreciable and at present no way of the origin of the anomaly can be ruled out. Attempting to investigate the issue of accounts emptied due to the ING Direct alert service, in fact, We find ourselves confirming this thesis:

Seems to be a bug in the people who activated the security alert service. I called the card blocking service and they told me about it. In fact, my wife, who doesn’t have that active service, didn’t have any charges“.

Serious communication issues related to the September 1 issues with ING Direct’s live alert service remain, as no official communication has arrived from the company capable of shedding light on this story. Waiting for the emergency return, Hopefully it’s not a sneak attackWe can’t help but check out the first of the sporadic leaked news.

In short, the customer service response you receive over the phone is straightforward, but reassuring these days. At the time of publication, in fact, we only know that it is a bug in a computer system. Therefore, the charges related to the ING Direct alert service refer to a false fee e The original balances will be restored as soon as possible. This is what you had before the bug that many logged on Wednesday evening.

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