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According to the autopsy, he had a healthy heart.  Bus breakdown hypothesis

According to the autopsy, he had a healthy heart. Bus breakdown hypothesis

Alberto RisottoThe bus driver fell off the flyover MaestreOne would not have been caught Ill health While he was driving. This is what emergesPostmortem. The test, in fact, did not identify problems of any nature with the heart. Corriere del Veneto writes this. A post-mortem examination revealed injuries to the fingers, which could mean the driver gripped the entire steering wheel.

Mestre bus crash survivor father: “I saw my little Charlotte die, an angel saved my life”

Autopsy of the driver

However, since these are partial results – the Venice Prosecutor’s Office has entrusted forensic doctors Guido Viel and Roberto Rondolini from the Institute of Padua – to continue further investigations, one of which is important for the purposes of the final report. Scheduled for next week.

Bus broken down route

Investigations are now focusing on the cause of the bus failure, which initially received little credit as it was a brand new Yudong E-12 with all-electric propulsion that entered the line’s fleet a year ago. And even that scrape on the guardrail can be interpreted differently: no longer the result of a problem, but the voluntary act of a driver willingly trying to slow down a vehicle he can’t control.

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