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Abandoned in a barn after being used as a “tractor”

A private museum displaying rare cars has searched so extensively that they reach one of the most remote and inhospitable places in the known world. Here’s his ridiculous story.

Finding a rare car can be like discovering A needle in a haystack: After all, the world is big and among the nearly 7 billion people who inhabit it are not all entirely interested in helping you find one rare car by pointing out the unique piece their grandfather kept hiding in the barn behind the house.

Abandoned car (web source)

But Ronald KoemanD., director of the Dutch Lumen Museum, is not the one who gives up at the first difficulty. The man after a ridiculous search deserves a movie in the saga The secret of the Knights Templar He managed to get his hands on a more unique piece than a rare one, The last Toyota AA in existence For a scientist who had the patience and good fortune to find in one of the most ruthless and fearful places on our planet.

The search began in 2008 when Ronald got his head around to find this historic and very important machine for the history of the Japanese brand. By reading some sales ads from Russia and using some of his students and even from a private investigatorFinally the man discovered something.

in the farthest place

After a few holes in the water, Ronald finally found him real sales ad A very rare Toyota AA, the only remaining car in the world according to some of its collaborators. It should be known that the Toyota AA is very significant because it is the first civilian car produced by the Japanese brand in 1935. The car was also honored in 1997 with the Classic, a dubious historical homage. Already rare at that time – just over 1700 were built – the AA is now unattainable. Or rather it was.

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Toyota AA 27_05_2022 Quattroamnia
His latest lineage (Toyota.Uk)

Incredibly, our Ronald found out that what was probably the last AA in the world’s least walkable condition was up for sale. in Siberia. The grandson of a local farmer who has used the car as a tractor for years, unaware of its rarity and value, decides to sell the inheritance left to him by his relative.

Buying the car was not difficult for Ronald and his team. However, it required getting her out of the country and dealing with paperwork about seven months. In the end, though, the decision of the museum director prevailed, and finally, the Toyota AA was restored and displayed to the public. After decades of working as a tractor, we can say that he is enjoying his well-deserved retirement.