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A strong geomagnetic storm was reported in Europe, as well as in Italy

A strong geomagnetic storm was reported in Europe, as well as in Italy

Geomagnetic storm

During the evening Friday 19 April, at approximately 9.40pm exactly, There have been several reports of faint auroraes appearing in the skies over northern Italy, especially in mountainous areas Alps. It's about to SAR, “Stable auroral red arcs.”“, a phenomenon similar to the actual aurora. SARs arise in the upper atmosphere, at an altitude of more than 300-400 km, and are the result of oxygen excitation, but unlike aurora, they are not caused directly by solar charged particles, but by Dynamics of the Van Allen belts.

It was a very similar event to the one that occurred in November 2023, but this time less intense and limited. This phenomenon is due to A Geomagnetic storm Ongoing, caused by a coronal mass ejection from the Sun directed towards our planet

a Geomagnetic storm It is a temporary change in the Earth's magnetic field, resulting from a sudden change in the interaction between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetic field. These storms are often caused by solar events such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) or solar flares. When particle-laden plasma from the Sun interacts with Earth's magnetic field, it can put pressure on the magnetosphere and cause disturbances. These risks may include increased auroral activity, interference with radio and satellite communications, and damage to electronic navigation systems and electrical transformers. Geomagnetic storms can also affect satellites orbiting the Earth. They range in intensity from moderate to severe, and the strongest storms are likely to have major impacts on technology and the space environment.