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Slovenia signed the Artemis Accords

Slovenia signed the Artemis Accords

NASA announced that on April 19, Slovenia became the 39th country to sign the Artemis Accords. The agreement was reached and signed between Slovenian Foreign Minister Matevez Vranjes and James O'Brien, US Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs.

This is the third signature to the Artemis Accords added this week, following Switzerland's signing on Monday, April 15 and Sweden's signing on April 16. With these three new signatures, the Artemis cooperation that the United States is building thanks to the signing of the agreements is further strengthened.

Signing these ten principles that wish to expand and define some procedures for peaceful exploration of the Moon means reaching the possibility of cooperation with NASA and the United States in the Artemis program. No other country among the 39 signatory countries has so far expressed the urgency or need to request the signing of the agreements before concluding industrial or scientific cooperation in the field of space.

Rebecca Bresnik, Assistant General Counsel for International and Space Law, was also present as a NASA representative during the signing between NASA and Slovenia. Bresnik's connection to Slovenia is very strong, as her husband has Slovenian ancestors (astronaut Randy Bresnik).

Matevž Frangež during Accordi Artemis.

“Slovenia is committed to the principles, values ​​and rules regarding the peaceful use of space as a common good for humanity,” Matevez Vranjes said. US Ambassador to Slovenia Jimmy Harpootlian commented:

“We are pleased to welcome Slovenia to the Artemis Accords family. We look forward to taking our cooperation with Slovenia in the areas of science, technology and innovation to new heights.”

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