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A short week in Italy for those who work in these large companies

A short week in Italy for those who work in these large companies

there Short work week It is one of the topics, besides Minimum salary, who rise from below towards the representatives of the people. Unlike the Meloni government, which… He does not hear or respond In response to citizens’ requests, there are different facts that adhere to the short work week as a form of experimentation.

After all, other countries have seen positive results: increased worker well-being, increased productivity, talent retention and bringing in new talent, as we have demonstrated on several occasions with targeted insights.

In small steps The world of work is approaching greater time flexibility, not always defined as a short week (of 4 days), but also trying alternative ways to reduce working hours. The world of work is moving in this direction, from experimenting with days off or half days off, all the way to the much-discussed short workweek. It can be seen in Intesa Sanpaolo, Samsung, Lavazza and Plasmon, but not only.

New big facts are added to this stage Experimentation with flexible hours Fewer working hours for the same salary. Between these Luxottica And Lamborghini.

Luxottica case: union agreement to short work week

December 1 for employees and future employees Luxottica Christmas gift has arrived. Thanks to the union agreement Short work weekWith Friday off.

This was announced by EssilorLuxottica President and CEO, Francesco Milleri. “In an era characterized by major economic and social transformations, there is an urgent need to redesign new organizational models“, which is why a new flexibility system has been introduced.

specially Reduced working days Expected in the brand’s Italian factories 20 days a year Which workers can carve for themselves, i.e. Friday is taken from the work week. For factories, Luxottica is the first to open a dialogue between demands from below and productivity demands from above.

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The step was made by A Union agreement Signed by Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uiltec Uil. For now, it’s still about that Experimentation Some departments and production areas will join the short week. According to what the new organization reported, there are two options:

  • The company covers 15 days, while the remaining five days are covered by individual paid leave (part in pay slip, part in social welfare);
  • 13 days are covered by the company, the remaining 7 days are covered by individual passes (the entire remuneration is from the salary slip).

The introduction of the short working week is also accompanied by the possibility of smart working. Moreover, the company announces, specifically with regard to new sustainability dynamics, that it is about to open up to new dynamics. 1,500 permanent job opportunities. The new staff will be recruited to stabilize workers on fixed-term or temporary contracts, and for new jobs.

Lamborghini case: four-day work week and smart work

Even the car company Lamborghini It offers a four-day work week. The new recipe was signed with the unions in an agreement that includes a series of heresy Important. The main topic is 33 and a half hours of work per weekBut the amount of shifts will depend on each worker. There will be four-day weeks and five-day weeks for those working two shifts. In general there will be Improving quality of life From company employees, who will be able to set their own calendar.

There are still some issues to be resolved, for example mutual recognition of those with certain serious and rare diseases, but the bulk of the work has been done. The agreement also provides new opportunities to improve working conditions, such as mental and physical health, nutrition, fitness courses in the common areas of Lamborghini Park and much more.

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Lamborghini is also committed to this Improving the work environment Through music in factories, training courses and raising awareness about issues such as gender differences. In practice, it will also be possible to activate it Smart work For several days a month, and it may reach 12 days in some cases. Lamborghini’s experience is taken from German experiments with excellent results. It has been transformed into a real reference “model” and this is the path that the company has also taken in Italy.