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A shocking discovery that changes the fate of the Earth: the most powerful gamma rays ever captured from space

A shocking discovery that changes the fate of the Earth: the most powerful gamma rays ever captured from space

Recently, an extraordinary discovery was made that could change the fate of the Earth: they have detected very powerful gamma rays.

Astronomy is one of the most loved disciplines by millions of people around the world, above all because it deals with the interpretation of mysterious events that occur in space. In fact, throughout its centuries-long history Many important discoveries have been madeWhich revolutionized science and the way people imagine their past and future. One of the most important discoveries ever made in the field of astronomy is undoubtedly the discovery of the Big Bang that occurred in 1929: the famous theory was formulated by Alexander Friedmann in 1929 and completed by George Gamow in 1940.

The latter stated that the universe was born from a small point, where time and space equal zero. Then, thanks to a huge explosion, everything began to expand.

The discovery that changes the fate of the Earth

Some researchers at the HESS Observatory located in Namibia were able to identify the most powerful gamma rays ever detected in the history of observations. To be precise, this is giant electromagnetic radiation, Which at this moment is inexplicable. Moreover, if they struck Earth one day, they would be able to dissolve earthly life in the blink of an eye. However, what makes this observation special is the power of these gamma rays: their energy is 20 TeV, which is 10 trillion times more powerful than visible light.

Pulsar identification –

In fact, according to experts, if such a beam were directed towards Earth, all living species would instantly die. However, the source of these gamma rays is the Vela pulsar, which is located in the southern constellation about 1,000 light-years from Earth (one light-year is 9,461 billion kilometers). Moreover, researchers I can’t yet provide an explanation On its high strength. As for the discovery, the team of researchers who made the discovery is led by scientists from the HESS Collaboration, who also collaborated with a team from the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory in Bologna and with other institutes.

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Among the most powerful and mysterious objects in the universe are certainly pulsars, which are very rapidly rotating neutron stars. In other words, they are the remains of ancient stellar explosions called supernovas, which exist today Very strong magnetic field and enormous intensity. Therefore, these dead stars are composed mostly of neutrons, and their density is so high that just one teaspoon of their matter has a mass of about 5 billion tons.