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ExoMars mission, ESA and NASA come together to ‘open new frontiers’

ExoMars mission, ESA and NASA come together to ‘open new frontiers’

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When the program resumes Issa exomarsAfter the official cessation of cooperation between the European Space Agency and Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine Cooperation between the European Space Agency and NASA.

On May 16 at the European Space Agency headquarters in ParisDirector of Human and Robotic Exploration at the European Space Agency Daniel Neuenschwander and NASA’s Associate Administrator for Science Mission Direction Nicola Fox They signed a new one Memorandum of Understanding to formalize the supply of essential components for the construction of the Rosalind Franklin spacecraft.

The mission, which, when cooperation with the Russian space agency Roscosmos was still active, was supposed to start in 2022 to search for traces of past life on Mars, now sees a new start date in 2028 to realign contributions to the project.

After suspending the program, ExoMars began taking shape again on April 9 thanks to a new agreement with… Thales Alenia Space ItalyThis confirms the support of the Italian Space Agency for the mission to establish the entry, descent and landing module on Mars. After new agreements with NASA, in addition to launch service and adjustable braking motors, the US agency will also have to provide Light isotope heating units (Rhu), or the rover’s power generators.

“This historic agreement strengthens our collaborative efforts in the ExoMars program and ensures that the Rosalind Franklin rover will set its wheels on Mars in 2030,” Neuenschwander said. Together we open new avenues of research To discover the secrets of Mars. “We are demonstrating our commitment to paving the way for space exploration and expanding human knowledge.”

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It will be the rover dedicated to the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA The first to drill Martian soil to a depth of two metres Take samples protected from radiation and extreme surface temperatures. “The Rosalind Franklin rover’s unique drilling capabilities and onboard sampling laboratory are of exceptional scientific value to humanity’s search for evidence of past life on Mars,” Fox said. NASA supports the mission to continue the strong partnership between the United States and Europe to explore the unknown in our solar system and beyond.”

Cover image: Amalia, Rosalind Franklin’s twin vehicle, conducts tests at Altec in Turin to recreate scenarios suitable for Rosalind – Credits: Esa, S. Corvaja