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How to train after 30 to lose weight and always have a youthful body

How to train after 30 to lose weight and always have a youthful body

The body is constantly changing and over the years it needs a different exercise. This rule is valid for both women and men. Here, to stay fit, you need to focus on more specific exercises. At the same time it is necessary not to strain the muscles and joints so as not to risk the weight of the body. In fact, first of all, long and heavy sessions should be avoided. It is best to plan your training with short, continuous sessions.

So here’s how to train after the age of 30 to lose weight and always have a youthful physique. Just follow some tips to create a customized workout based on your physical characteristics. Accurate results are obtained by focusing on specific parts of the body, weighing strengths and weaknesses. So it won’t be about reducing your workload or eliminating some exercise altogether. On the contrary, the goal is to create a weekly plan that follows some principles.

How to train after 30 to lose weight and always have a youthful body

We repeat the advice mentioned earlier in the article. After the age of 30, it is best not to risk excessive exercise due to joint and muscle pain. So we organize the days with space for all muscle sections. We focus on consistency rather than quantity and we’ll see more solid results.

Your muscles will need specific sessions using weights. Not many people know that after the age of 30 people start losing muscle mass from year to year. We cut out at least two weight training sessions per week. This way we will gain mass but also lose calories.

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As your metabolism slows down, you will also need to increase your cardio sessions. By burning calories, the possibility of gaining extra pounds will disappear. There are many ways to do cardio. For example, jumping rope is a great way to quickly burn calories and be energized at the same time. You shouldn’t overdo the sessions either. Best 15-20 minutes with challenging exercises like squats, abdominal exercises, lunges, push-ups, jumping cranes, plank.

Finally, we always remember to take some time to recover. After an intense muscle workout, it is better to stop for a day and engage in another type of physical activity. Even between one exercise and another we leave at least 10 seconds of recovery which can increase to 15.


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