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A new secret menu is coming to Whatsapp: here's what it allows you to do when you open it

A new secret menu is coming to Whatsapp: here's what it allows you to do when you open it

WhatsApp keeps implementing new features: The following feature is one of the features that users have been requesting for a long time.

WhatsApp is constantly evolving and the reason is very simple: Meta wants to continue to ensure that its app remains globally relevant and continues to stand out. It holds the record as the world's most used instant messaging app.

The revolution on WhatsApp –

Exactly for this reason Meta continues to introduce new features With the aim of meeting the needs expressed by users and also anticipating future needs.

As we know, unfortunately, one of the most painful points of WhatsApp data sharing system is A radical decline in the quality of images and media in general When shared via the platform. With a purpose Speed ​​up file transfer H Use as little data as possible, In fact, the software takes care of that automatically Compress all media files It is transmitted through it.

This has clearly upset WhatsApp users, who realize (at least in most cases) that it is always necessary to use an alternative means of exchanging files while keeping their quality unchanged.

The new WhatsApp menu we've all been waiting for

With the aim of also allowing users to exchange files in high quality via the platform for some time WhatsApp allows you to choose the profile with which you want to send the file to the recipient.

Big news for WhatsApp media –

Users then have the option to do so Reference this setting manually, for each file, when you submit it. This means that By default, WhatsApp keeps sending images in low resolution To save time and data, but today it is possible to choose HD option for important photos.

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Deceive Introduction to the new menu, which is currently under development, It will be possible to set sharing of high-resolution images by default. On the one hand this will guarantee Maximum quality for shared files But it also has one the negative side, Especially from Those who receive The files involved. In fact, if your recipients are not connected to wi-fi, it will consume more data to receive a high-resolution file in real time than a regular-resolution file.

When this option becomes available (currently it's not even available to beta testers, specifically because it's under development) it will likely be available Politely notify recipients That due to its weight, it would be better to download media sent from our account from the wi-fi network and not through the data network.