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A Shocking Discovery In Palworld, there is a secret creature that few have seen: the Image

A Shocking Discovery In Palworld, there is a secret creature that few have seen: the Image

A certain never-before-seen creature has been found in the Palworld game files that has shocked players.

Palworld continues to break sales and numbers: the Pocket Pair title has reached 7 million copies sold in a very short time and is definitely considered one of the most popular games of early 2024. It has become a real global phenomenon. Users enjoy digging into hidden files to find secrets, and what is discovered is truly shocking. An unprecedented creature that had never been seen before, it shocked everyone who saw it In pictures posted on the Internet.

Incredible discovery on Palworld. Photo: Instagram, @palworldofficial –

Palworld has become popular for many reasons, but certainly one of the most important reasons can be attributed to the existence of Pal. These magical, animal-themed creatures that can be captured and used to battle other similar creatures, are strongly reminiscent of the game's skeleton that made the Pokémon saga famous. The strong comparison with Pokémon has been the cause of many discussions on the web in the past week. So much so that The Pokémon Company, the company that owns the rights to the famous saga, was forced to intervene with an official statement.

Palworld, a hidden creature discovered: shocked fans

The creature discovered within the game's files in particular has become the subject of much discussion It looks incredibly like Pokemon. It is not yet known whether the developers rejected it because the similarity was too obvious or whether they intend to release it later. However, Pocket Pair still releases many friends in the game which is very similar to the popular Pokémon game. Therefore, the second hypothesis seems to be the most reliable.

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Dark Mutant's similarity to MewTwo. Image: YouTube screenshot, @DPJ –

In addition to pictures of this friend, Game data for this creature has also been identified. It doesn't seem to have a final name, but it's called “Dark mutant(Dark shapeshifter), but what was discovered is that he is a friend of the dark type.

Moreover, according to the game code, it seems to be a very powerful sidekick since it has Level 3 in Manual Skills, Level 3 in Medicine Production and Level 2 in Transport, thus it is definitely an advanced rank creature.

As can be seen from the photo, fans were shocked Its strong resemblance to Mega Mewtwo Y, an alternate form of the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo. Which was released about 10 years ago on the occasion of the release of the Pokémon X and Y video games on Nintendo 3DS. The similarities are truly incredible, and the only thing that seems to differentiate the two creatures is the color palette. Pal's color is black and purple, symbolizing darkness, while the Pokemon is white and purple just like Mewtwo's base form.