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Sony PlayStation registers the PSX trademark, officially associated with "Conference" -

Sony PlayStation registers the PSX trademark, officially associated with “Conference” –

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has registered a file marchio “PSX” On June 11, 2021. The brand is associated with “creating, organizing and holding exhibitions eه Conferences in entertainment and video games”, based on the official information shown by the recorder being used. Obviously, it is easy to think that this is new PlayStation Experience.

As usual, we remind you that Sony has not announced any kind of events at the moment and that this recording may not be related to any upcoming events. Anyway, this is a “suspicious” situation, given that it happened during the period (Published) E3 2021 And that multiple rumors point the finger at a new Sony PlayStation conference.

Will the PS5 be an essential part of the supposed PSX?

Let’s assume for a moment that “PSX” actually stands for PlayStation Experience and that this is the upcoming event, it should be noted that it won’t be “just” a game case. In other words, one might expect an event to occur More massive dimensions. It wouldn’t be too surprising, given that Sony has skipped E3 and thus hasn’t had a great event yet, unlike its direct competitors.

For now that’s all we know. The Leaking Recently, they talked about the PlayStation experience, during which many first-party games appeared as well as third-party projects, and above all, PS VR 2: The viewer was at the heart of Bloomberg’s report in the last period.

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