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A Mediterranean hurricane will develop in a few hours, at least 2 areas will be affected by wind and thunderstorms » ILMETEO.it


Weather: A Mediterranean cyclone will develop in a few hours, with at least 2 areas affected by winds and thunderstorms.

Cyclone impact will occur in some areas in the next few hoursA deep cyclonic vortex approaching our country will become a cyclone and it will hit some areas in the next few hours, causing a significant drop in atmospheric conditions with strong winds, heavy rain and thunderstorms..

The driving center of this apparently tropical storm, indicated by Letter B In the map below, after causing a very strong wave of bad weather in Greece, it moved towards Italy, and now its driving force is found in the open sea halfway between the Ionian Sea and the Libyan Sea.Brief situationBrief situationFrom this position, it will not only continue to disturb the weather in many Greek sectors, but also cause a significant deterioration in at least 2 regions of southern Italy.

The first is under observation next hour They would actually be Calabria, especially the Ionian region and some parts of Sicily, such as the northern part and the southeastern corner. We expect widespread rain in these areas during the morning and thunderstorms during the day.
Although we think that the rainfall will not be as heavy and heavy as what happened in neighboring Greece, these events will be more intense because of the accumulation of valuable rainfall.

To confirm what has just been said, we present this second diagram below Distribution and Accumulation of Rainfall Own all day Wednesday, September 6. Pay attention to the color fields Green/yellow, 15 to 70 mm of rain is expected, equivalent to 70 liters per square metre..Precipitation forecast for Wednesday, September 6Precipitation forecast for Wednesday, September 6While in these areas Rain, thunderstorms and sometimes very strong winds They will insist throughout the day, the atmosphere being more stable in the rest of the country and the contrasting notes being only due to moderate clouds that find their favorite habitats in the central and northwestern regions. .

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Then, the cyclonic gyre will remain more or less stable until Friday 8, and will only shed its strongest energy towards the end of the week. But we will give more information about this in next updates.


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