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A giant "potentially dangerous" asteroid is about to pass near Earth

A giant “potentially dangerous” asteroid is about to pass near Earth

Asteroids are “small” celestial bodies of the most diverse shapes, and they move through space at a very high speed. In the past, we have already detected the file size Asteroid destroying life on Earth. Today we will analyze A giant asteroid will approach our planet in a few days.

First of all, let’s start with the reassurance of the celestial body, called 7335 (1989 JA), according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, at a great distance from Earth and will be lost by about 4 million km. cosmic body Four times the size of the Empire State Buildingit will approach our planet on May 27.

Although the enormous distance that separates us from it is decidedly obvious, NASA decided so Rated as “Potentially Hazardous” for its large size. The asteroid is actually 1.8 kilometers in diameter, and if it changes its course, affecting the Earth’s surface, this will lead to devastating damage.

According to the results of NASA, it isThe largest asteroid will pass near Earth This year, at an amazing speed of 76,000 km / h. The next “close” encounter with the cosmic body will occur on June 23, 2055 at a distance greater than today.

One of the various programs that NASA supports is observing so-called Near Earth Objects (NEOs). It is an observational activity of cosmic bodies that pass within 48 million kilometers of our planet.

Most of these cosmic bodies are small, but the asteroid in question is much larger than usual, about 99%. In addition to its huge dimensions, the peculiarity of 7335 (1989 JA) is that it is included in the class of asteroids known as Apollo, which represent the cosmic bodies orbiting our sun that They periodically move close to Earth’s orbit.

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NASA’s observation and study of such cosmic objects are constantly evolving, as recent launches to assess the possibility of this have shown Deviate from potentially dangerous asteroids in the future I headed down to earth.

Among these, we mention the double asteroid redirection test aircraft, launched in November 2021, which It will collide with the asteroid Demorphos next fall. A controlled collision is not aimed at destroying the cosmic body, but at trying to modify its trajectory.

If in the future a large cosmic body enters a collision path with the Earth, the emergence of technologies and projects for Protecting our planet from “planetary attacks” It can spare us the terrible end of the ancient rulers of the earth, who became extinct due to the influence of Chicxulub Dinosaur Killer.