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For the health of iron during the winter, we grow this spice on the balcony or garden

For the health of iron during the winter, we grow this spice on the balcony or garden

Even when summer is over, not all of nature is inhabited. Indeed, there are some plants that can be planted at the end of the heat because they are born in the middle of winter. One of them is saffron. This spice is, inexplicably, less cultivated in Italy. The regions where there is still significant cultivation are Abruzzo, Sardinia, Umbria and Tuscany. However, each of us can get by with the cultivation of saffron at home, without inhuman efforts.

The benefits are great. In addition to being so valuable, saffron also has beneficial beneficial effects on our bodies. For the health of iron during the winter we grow this spice on the balcony or garden. We will see it bloom in December, when we can make the most of all its beneficial properties.

How and where does saffron grow?

We can grow saffron either by burying the bulbs in the garden or in pots. It is a plant that needs some precautions, which we will now list.

For planting in the vegetable garden, we reserve a small flower for the bulbs. Bulbs should be planted at least 5 cm from each other and 20 cm deep. It is important that the soil in which we plant it is not clayey. If we arrange the lamps in several rows, then it would be nice to move them away from each other by at least half a meter (if space permits).

For planting in pots, although the space is less, we always try to keep a distance of 5 centimeters between one bulb and another. As for the depth, we can also go up to ten centimeters. One thing to absolutely avoid is standing water in the saucer, so let’s take the trouble of emptying it every day. Anyway, saffron needs little water but lots of light. The best times for planting are the end of August or the beginning of September. Following these pointers, we will be able to collect them in December.

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For the health of iron during the winter, we grow this spice on the balcony or garden

Saffron performs a powerful biological activity within our body. Perhaps it is no coincidence that they thrive at a time when our immune defenses are most deficient. First of all, it is Excellent natural digestive systemWhich stimulates gastric juice.

Saffron is also used in Eastern medicine as a treatment for fever, bronchitis, sore throat, and headache. It is also a widely used homeopathic remedy, especially for epistaxis and dysmenorrhea. It can be eaten as a seasoning for pasta and risotto, but also as an herbal tea.

However, especially if it is consumed in large quantities, saffron has contraindications and can interfere with taking some medications. It is therefore recommended to consult your doctor, who will be able to advise us whether and how much to consume.


Few people know that this pervasive aromatic plant is the worst enemy of colon cancer.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)