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In Forlì the first case of Omicron 5

In Forlì the first case of Omicron 5

The Sars-Cov-2 Omicron ‘BA.5’ sub-variant, known as ‘Omicron 5’, was first identified in Emilia-Romagna by the laboratory of Pevistina. The swab, randomly sequenced, was performed in Drive via Forli Gallery on a 1984 citizen with mild respiratory symptoms, who is now in home isolation.

Currently, according to ministerial indications, there are two types of sequencing performed by the Pievesestina laboratory: one relates to cases considered special and relevant for epidemiological reasons (eg related to particularly severe infections), and they are all sequenced. The second type is random: about 25 samples arranged twice a week, then about fifty samples every seven days, with no selection. The only condition is that they are a primary infection and that they have a sufficient viral load for the analysis. By this random sequencing, the first case of the BA.5 subvariable was identified in Emilia-Romagna.

“This is – explains the director of the Pievesestina Laboratory, Professor Vittorio Sambri – of a sub-variable first identified in South Africa on February 25 this year, which shares the most mutations with BA.4; so far it has mainly been found, in addition to South Africa, in Germany, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the United States.”

“There is no evidence – adds Sambri – of an increase in Covid-19 severity due to infection with BA.5, although the daily increase rate in South Africa has been calculated at 12%. The Superiore di Sanità 16 sequence of BA.5 was recorded, In addition to the first sequence found in Emilia-Romagna.